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CONTENTS Mar/Apr 2016 Volume XLV Number 2 22 FEATURES The International Human Rights Arena as an Area of Opportunity for Language Professionals 12 The Art of Speaking Boldly The international human rights arena is desperate for qualified specialist translators and interpreters. Learning to be a bold speaker can help you develop your business, whether you are talking to a fellow volunteer at a local event, presenting to your local chamber of commerce, or meeting with a potential client. 7 15 Adventures in Remote Interpreting at a Rural Hospital COLUMNS This is the story of how a hospital in the rural area of South Lake Tahoe, California, is improving the range of its services by implementing an innovative remote interpreting system. 18 How to Find and Approach Your Ideal Clients through LinkedIn LinkedIn is one of the handiest tools to identify and research prospects before contacting them. The success you have with finding new contacts and prospects will depend on your ability to truly understand your target market and to use the search filters LinkedIn provides to your advantage. 15 2 From the President 4 From the President-Elect 5 ATA Social Media 5 Letters to the Editor 6 From the Executive Director 7 Treasurer's Report 10 Outreach Report 24 Our World of Words 28 27 The Entrepreneurial Linguist 28 Interpreters Forum 30 TechTalk 32 Resource Review 37 Certification Forum Looking for The Translation Inquirer and Humor and Translation? These columns and more can now be found in the Chronicle-Online edition:! Connect with ATA AmericanTranslatorsAssociation

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The ATA Chronicle - March/April 2016