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® THE MAGAZINE FOR DOG AGILIT Y ENTHUSIASTS VOL. 17, NO. 01 JANUARY 2011 $7 Early Spay & Neuter: What Are the Medical Issues? How to Achieve Focus, Drive & Desire in Any Dog Deciding Which Training Articles Are Relevant to Your Team Get Your Point Across to Students

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Clean Run - January 2011

Clean Run - January 2011
Editorializing: Aspiration Versus Expectation
Tip of the Month
Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Agility…
Backyard Dogs
Work That Line! How to Plan the Perfect Gamble
Challenges for Rising Stars
You Know Your Dog Is Aggressive If... Part 3
Power Paws Drills
When Pigs Fly: Learning to Love the Teeter
Can You Handle It?
It’s Your Turn! Combining Turn Cues
The Secret to Focus, Drive, and Desire
What’s Your Point? Instructional Techniques for Working With Adult Learners
Critical Thinking Skills: How Do You Decide What Information in Clean Run Is Relevant to You?
Early Spay and Neuter in Dogs: A Discussion of the Medical Issues

Clean Run - January 2011