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® Cover THE MAGAZINE FOR DOG AGILITY ENTHUSIASTS PHOTOS © NINI BLOCH, DIANE LEWIS PHOTOGRAPHY, PETER STEPHENS 10 The Birth of Handling Back when agility started, crossing behind your dog wasn't a handling move; it was an accident. Just as agility has grown exponentially in popularity since it was first introduced in the USA, so have the sport's handling and training methods evolved at a stunning pace. By Nini Bloch JANUARY 15 50 How Much? How Often? A Look at Training and Conditioning Physical conditioning, skills training, and running courses are all components necessary for building and maintaining a successful agility career, but the time invested in them may vary based on the age and experience level of the dog. By Brenna Fender VOLUME 21 NUMBER 01 54 Teaching the Seesaw the DogLogical Way, Part 1: Pre-requisite Foundation Work Before you even go near a wobble board, there is lots of foundation work you can do with your dog to help train a confident, fast, and independent seesaw performance. By Lynne Stephens KPA, CTP Features 5 Editorializing: 20 Years of Clean Run Some reflections on 20 years of Clean Run history. By Monica Percival 23 How Much Is Too Much? How much agility training and trialing is enough and how much is too much? These are not easy questions to answer, nor is there one right answer. By Kristin Wolter, CVT, CCRA 27 How Hula Hooping Can Make You a Better Agility Handler Hooping makes you more aware of your nondominant side, helps you get comfortable rotating, and improves proprioception. By Jenni Shelegy 36 Class Plans from Happy Dog Ranch One of the challenges instructors face each week is designing drills that require little moving of equipment between groups and challenge all the students in the class while not making it so difficult that they cannot be successful. By Kristy Netzer 61 Raising Your Pup 2 Perfection: Groups, Classes, and Habitats Groups and classes can be a great way to meet up with friends, enjoy some of the more social side of dog training, and get together to share and enjoy new learning and training. However, have you ever stopped to consider it from your dog's point of view? By Lauren Langman 64 I Know That's Not the Way You're Supposed to Handle This, But... The most efficient line for me as a handler is the last thing on my mind when I walk a course. Instead, I look at it from the perspective of how I can get my dog to run the shortest route, regardless of what bizarre things I might need to do to accomplish that. By Michelle Hrnchar Columns 40 Using Laser Therapy in Canine Sports Medicine With a great deal of clinical research supporting its healing effects, laser therapy is now considered standard practice in canine rehabilitation and sports medicine. By Carolina Medina 6 Tip of the Month By Deborah Davidson Harpur 7 30 Conditioning Canine Athletes: Getting Started Conditioned dogs perform better with fewer occurrences of injury. A good conditioning program needs to include proprioception (awareness of where the body is in space), core strengthening, and aerobic exercises. By Bobbie Lyons 44 As the World Turns: German Turn The German turn is used in situations where the dog and handler are approaching the jump from the landing side. It specifically involves the dog jumping on a slice and the handling doing a blind cross. By Mary Ellen Barry Backyard Dogs By Mia Grant 58 Training with the Stars: Anna Eifert Hungarian Anna Eifert has accomplished a lot in agility. Her next goal is to run the first Bull Terrier to ever compete at the FCI Agility World Championships. By Sally Silverman 20 Being an Innovative Dog Trainer: Optimising Learning Without Fallout Effective reward-based dog training means we move from an attitude of working to inhibit and restrict our dogs' natural behaviours to instead enhancing and promoting the behaviours we do want. By Tom Mitchell Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Agility... By Brenna Fender 8 16 Keep It Simple for Success Are we making agility unnecessarily complicated? Does success on course really lie within increasingly complicated cue combinations? Let's look at simple and straightforward handling solutions for a complicated course. By Daisy Peel 25 The Judge's Debriefing By Cindy Elliott Deak Cover Dog Jack Russell Terrier action photo by Doghouse Arts. Weave pole "flames" provided courtesy of Photoshop! Clean Run (ISSN 1089-8506) is published monthly by Clean Run Productions, LLC. Principal office: 17 Industrial Dr., South Hadley, MA 01075. Periodicals postage paid at South Hadley, Massachusetts 01075-9902 and additional offices. © Copyright 1995-2015 Bud Houston and Clean Run Productions, LLC. All world rights reserved. Reproduction in whole or in part without written permission is prohibited. POSTMASTER: Send address changes to Clean Run, 17 Industrial Dr., South Hadley, MA 01075. January 15 | Clean Run 3

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