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Agility By Brenna Fender Perfect Puppy Pulls a Fast One When you are a frequent agility competitor, sooner or later something hugely embarrassing and/or hilariously funny is going to happen in the agility ring. When it does, just remember that we’ve all been in your shoes! Sally Hildt from Seattle, Washington, shared her embarrassing moment with her English Springer Spaniel and their first agility class. “Years ago, circa 1997, I had a pretty wild and fun two-year-old field-bred English Springer Spaniel, Retty. I owned a bike repair business and she came to work with me. It was a constant challenge to get her tired enough to be civil and since I had no experience with dog training, all I knew was to exercise her; a tired dog is a good dog. A customer came in and suggested dog agility. I took the information about an instructor that was recommended (the class was in a horse arena so dogs couldn’t get away from their handlers) and called for information. I signed up and was told to bring a 6' leash and a lot of cookies. On the requisite Thursday night, we went to class. I had never heard of dog agility, and when I saw the arena with the equipment in it, I was intrigued. I gathered my dog and the cookies and went in the arena to find the instructor. When he introduced himself, I handed him two packages of Archway cookies. He looked confused and I immediately stammered, “You said to bring a lot of cookies—are two packages not enough?” He smiled, accepted them, and shared them with the other students, giving me credit for the kindness. Off we went; he showed us a tunnel and Retty flew right through. He said to give her a reward; I reached into my pocket and grabbed the green Milk Bone I had, gave it to her, and she crunched and crunched, leaving crumbs. We sent her back to the tunnel and the instructor said to reward her again, but I couldn’t because I had only that one Milk Bone! The other students pooled their dog treats for me and I never showed up with the wrong kind of cookies again. Now, when I invite new students, I always specify they need a lot of soft cookies for their dog!” D If you build it... they can run! Jump cup strips Clip-on jump cups PVC ttings: 3-way, 4-way, and 5-way connectors 1" and 2" vinyl tape 1" and 11/4" PVC pipe in red, yellow, blue, violet, and white ® Got a blooper of your own to share? Put “agility blooper” in the subject line and send it to March 11 | Clean Run 77

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Clean Run - March 2011
Editorializing: Go Get the Dog
Tip of the Month
Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Agility…
Backyard Dogs
Who Needs a Training Partner?
Difficult Students, Difficult Dogs, Happy Endings
Ready, Set, Trial! Volunteering at Agility Trials
The Breeders Behind the Dogs
Working on Stimulus Control
Teaching FOCUS and Impulse-Control Classes: Introduction
Power Paws Drills: Long Way, Short Way
Help for Heel Pain: The Facts About Plantar Fasciitis, Part 1
Hydrotherapy for the Canine Athlete
Getting the Biggest Bang for Your Seminar Dollar
When Pigs Fly: You Can Do It
You Know Your Dog Is Aggressive If... Part 5
Want the Best Training Results? Then Play!
Challenges for Rising Stars

Clean Run - March 2011