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THE MAGAZINE FOR DOG AGILIT Y ENTHUSIASTS VOL. 18, NO. 03 MARCH 2012 $7 Teaching Up Contacts and Approaches Building and Maintaining Motivation in Your Dog Pros & Cons of Blind Crosses Can a Piano Instruction Method Help Agility Handlers Learn More Easily?

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Clean Run - March 2012

Clean Run - March 2012
Editorializing: C-ATCH 2 or No C-ATCH, It Is the Journey
Tip of the Month
Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Agility…
Backyard Dogs
Building Blocks: Important Non-Equipment Behaviors
Analyze This!
From Hoof to Woof: What Riders Can Teach Handlers
Foreign Bodies
Baffled by Blind Crosses?
Frequently Asked Questions About Hip Dysplasia
Tax Deductions Begin at Home
Teaching Contact Approaches and Up Contacts
Agility Suzuki Style, Part 1
Growing a Grassroots Agility Club
Agility Mind Gym: The Effect of Self-Image
What’s in Your Toolbox?
Knowledge Equals Speed! Motivation
Power Paws Drills: O & P Plus 5

Clean Run - March 2012