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THE MAGAZINE FOR DOG AGILIT Y ENTHUSIASTS VOL. 18, NO. 05 MAY 2012 $7 Tools for Handling Obstacle Discrimination Challenges Teaching Your Dog the Weave Poles Competing in Agility with a Shy Dog Creative Ideas for Encouraging Toy Play

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Clean Run - May 2012

Clean Run - May 2012
Editorializing: Our Best Agility Moment
Tip of the Month
Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Agility…
Backyard Dogs
Embrace Your Dog’s “Inner Naughty” to Build Tug Drive
Building Blocks: Building Value for Jumps and Teaching Sends
From Hoof to Woof: What Riders Can Teach Handlers
Teaching the Weave Poles
Power Paws Drills: New Fun Drills with Letter H
Formula for Success
Analyze This! Judge Thomas Ammitzbøll
Review: Rubberizing Contacts
What’s in Your Toolbox?
Agility Mind Gym: Focus and Distractions
Tips for Purchasing a Supplement
Centered Dog Agility: A Closer Look at Reeducating Mind and Body
How to Become an Agility Judge
The Agility Road Less Traveled: Competing with Shy Dogs
Four Handling Tools for Obstacle Discrimination

Clean Run - May 2012