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THE MAGAZINE FOR DOG AGILIT Y ENTHUSIASTS VOL. 19, NO. 07 JULY 2013 $7 Teaching Your Dog Where He Should Focus A New Take on Using Channel Weaves Using Thermal Imaging to Identify Soft Tissue Injuries The Physical Cues for Specific Handling Maneuvers

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Clean Run - July 2013

Clean Run - July 2013
Editorializing: “Internationalization” and Course Design Trends
Tip of the Month
Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Agility
Backyard Dogs
Knowledge Equals Speed! Handling Positions: What Do They Mean to the Dog
Focus in the Ring Is Not Just for Dogs!
The 10-Minute Trainer
Power Paws Drills: Serp City
Thermal Imaging for the Agility Dog
Trainer/Student, Coach/Athlete
Channel Weaves Modified
The Judge’s Debriefing
Training with the Stars: Jenn Crank
The Construction Zone: Weatherproof 2x2 Weave Pole Bases
Look! Teaching Dogs Where to Focus
Busting the Myths: You Can Talk, You Can Smile, You Can Have Fun!
Out Spot Out! Teaching Independent Obstacle Performance, Part 4

Clean Run - July 2013