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Committed to helping you help your employees ....................................... If you own or manage a dealership, you probably feel a sense of responsibility and loyalty toward your employees-whether that's your experienced management team, your ace service technicians FINANCIAL FITNESS 3 or your key salespeople. You are like most business owners in the United States, 80 percent HEALTH SAVINGS ACCOUNTS 5 of whom say they feel responsible for their GENERATIONAL DIFFERENCES 6 employees and their well-being. Financial wellness is a particularly popular topic RETIREMENT READINESS 7 these days in the auto industry, as dealerships work to help their employees feel financially secure for the future-and also to keep employees on board in a high-turnover industry. American employers of all types and sizes, including dealerships, also face a challenging environment in which the complexities of benefit offerings require greater expertise from HR professionals, and rising health care costs force hard decisions about how to spend valuable benefit dollars. At Bank of America Merrill Lynch, we understand the challenges employers like you face in supporting employee financial wellness, and we are committed to  helping you overcome those challenges. We have a strong conviction that helping employees live their best financial lives not only will have a positive impact on those individuals, but also can elevate the performance of your dealership. Offering your employees access to financial education will help them understand not only how to better manage their finances today, but also the importance of taking steps now, such as utilizing health savings accounts and 401(k) plans, to create a better financial future. Through our workplace financial solutions program, we offer a variety of articles, financial workshops, online tools and calculators, and access to specialists nationwide to help employees get the help they need. And for dealers, programs like these can be important tools for hiring and keeping talented employees. In addition, helping employees feel financially fit can boost your bottom line by increasing their productivity, loyalty, satisfaction and engagement. For our part, we firmly believe helping you set up and administer your financial wellness programs, and helping your employees manage their entire financial picture, is simply the right thing to do. It's a fundamental part of our commitment to both the employer and the individual. We want to help you attract and retain the best employees, and to help those employees feel good about their financial lives. TABLE OF CONTENTS Derek Comestro, Market Executive, Dealer Financial Services, Bank of America Merrill Lynch Kevin Nill, Market Executive, Dealer Financial Services, Bank of America Merrill Lynch .......................................

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Automotive News - June 13, 2016 - Supplement