Chip Shortage - S10

In response, nearly half of automakers
and suppliers responding to the Center's
survey report they are rethinking and
changing how they mitigate supply chain
risk. Said one survey respondent, " We
are identifying alternate sourcing
strategies, supply between regions and
banking parts. "
While many are resorting to finding
alternate sources of supply for
semiconductors to address short-term
shortages, an issue discussed in more
depth in the next section, it is interesting
that only 22 percent of automakers and
suppliers say they are considering
additional investments in technology that
could provide better insight and earlier
warning of potential supply chain
disruption. This begs the question of
whether automotive manufacturers might
once again find themselves facing typical
supply chain issues as the industry races
toward electrification and competition
with other industries also vying for lithium
and other battery resources.
With the chip shortage still a challenge,
companies across all industries, not just
automotive, will look to implement
changes to reduce supply chain
shortages in the future. Technology
investments that can increase visibility
and identify potential disruption earlier
might be a good place to start.

Automaker and supplier respondents that
have changed, or will change, how they
mitigate supply chain risk

Automaker and supplier respondents that
indicate they are considering investments in
technology to help mitigate supply chain risk

Most-cited activities auto manufacturers are
taking to mitigate supply chain risk

Stocking and building up
inventory levels with an
emphasis on most-used
manufactured products
Temporarily closing plants to
keep higher-profit plants
Acquiring alternate suppliers
and alternate products
Developing and implementing
new business processes

Source: Automotive News Research & Data Center

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Chip Shortage

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