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Automakers and suppliers responding the
Center's survey also appear willing to
source semiconductors within the U.S.
More than half say they currently source
chips from other countries and about the
same percent say that they continue to
look outside the U.S. for alternate
sources of supply to meet their current
production needs. However, when asked
from where in the world they prefer to
source their semiconductors, 48 percent
say from within the U.S.

" There's no question we lead the
world in semiconductor design, and
that's a competitive advantage. We
have moved, I think, too much of our
production of semiconductors
offshore. I'm very proud to work for
companies that understand how to
keep competitive in the global
marketplace and how sometimes you
do have to partner with other
countries to build products in a way
that keeps you competitive. But even
prouder to work for three companies
that really are committed to building
products here in the United States
and producing the sort of high-paying,
family-supporting jobs that every
American and every community
desires. "
- Gov. Matt Blunt
President, American Automotive Policy Council,
and former governor of Missouri
Automotive News " Daily Drive " podcast,
April 30, 2021

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Automakers and suppliers that currently
source chips from outside the U.S.

Automakers and suppliers that are seeking
alternative chip sources from outside the U.S.

Automakers and suppliers that prefer to
source chips within the U.S.

Source: Automotive News Research & Data Center

Survey respondents also overwhelmingly
agree (77 percent) with the recommendation
from the American Automotive Policy Council,
the organization headed by former Missouri
Gov. Matt Blunt that represents Ford, GM and
Stellantis on common public policy interests
in Washington and internationally, that a
certain amount of government investment in
U.S. semiconductor manufacturing and
supply chain resiliency be reserved for
vehicle-grade chips. Blunt told Automotive
News, " We've got a long life span compared
to consumer electronics, with greater
physical durability and a much lower failure
that is deemed to be acceptable. We have
some unique needs and I think folks are
developing an understanding of that. "



Chip Shortage

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