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Forty-two percent of automakers and parts suppliers say the ongoing global shortage of
microchips has changed how they manage supply chain risk, according to an April 2021
survey conducted by the Automotive News Research & Data Center of 475 Automotive
News subscribers and readers.
Yet, among those respondents representing automakers and suppliers, only 22 percent
say their companies are considering additional investments in technologies that would
help create earlier warning signs of potential supply chain risk. This is interesting
considering that more than a third (39 percent) of respondents representing automakers'
engineering, product development, manufacturing, production, supply chain and
purchasing functions describe their visibility into the Tier 1 supply base as at or below
In the following pages, we delve deeper into our subscribers' and readers' responses to
the survey, including their views on the Biden administration's proposed legislation and
policies regarding infrastructure, semiconductors and supply chain resiliency and
implications for America's national security and global competitiveness.
We also share insight on how automakers and suppliers are working to navigate the crisis
in the near term, as well as some concerns regarding potential long-term implications that
may result because of decisions being made today. Throughout, we include anonymized
comments from respondents that shed additional light on these and other themes.

" I think folks understand that you're going to spend
billions of public dollars. You need to ensure that
products end up with companies that want to make a
product here in the United States. It doesn't make sense
to create a more resilient U.S.-based supply chain if
you're not going to use it for products that are built here
in the United States with our North American partners. "
-Gov. Matt Blunt
President, American Automotive Policy Council, and former governor of Missouri
Automotive News " Daily Drive " podcast, April 30, 2021

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Chip Shortage

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