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For companies that make things, supply
chain visibility plays a key role in meeting
customer demand, improving
performance and reducing errors. Having
deep visibility into tiers of the supply
chain can often lead to better decisionmaking and the enhanced ability to
mitigate potential risks in the future. Yet,
broadly across industries, according to
Deloitte, only 18 percent of chief
procurement officers say they are
formally tracking risk in their direct (Tier
1) supplier base, and only 15 percent
have visibility beyond that. iv
Most automakers and suppliers that
responded to the Center's survey of
Automotive News subscribers and
readers report similar perspectives
related to supply chain visibility. Less
than half describe the view of their subtier supply base as above average;
moreover, 4 out of 10 say they have little
to no visibility into the third layer of their
supply base.
Interestingly, respondents representing
functions within automaker and supplier
organizations who frequently work with
partners throughout the supply chain as
part of their day-to-day activities report
even less visibility the deeper the supply
chain goes.

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Automakers' and suppliers' Tier 1 visibility

62% 19% 15%
Above Average


Little to None

Automakers' and suppliers' Tier 2 visibility

46% 24% 25%
Above Average


Little to None

Automakers' and suppliers' Tier 3 visibility

29% 20% 40%
Above Average


Little to None

Note: Does not total 100%; excludes " Not sure " responses

Limited to no supply chain visibility among
automaker and supplier respondents representing
engineering, product development, manufacturing,
production, supply chain and purchasing

16% 27% 41%



Source: Automotive News Research & Data Center



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