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Automotive News - Janurary 14, 2013

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New Vette on the way -- but only for top Chevy dealers
Wrestling a Wrangler dilemma
NADA leader won't duck a factory fight
Hyundai, Kia dealers: Little mpg backlash
Teahen's lesson: Check the numbers
Rival stores to Braman: Keep us out of GM fight
A factory bonus for Lincoln salespeople
LAWYER UP! Dealers adding in-house counsel
Behind in mpg, GM says its trucks cost least to own
Sonic switches strategies, returns to acquisition mode
Kia to pitch Sorento in Super Bowl
Infiniti: JX fits nicely into lineup
New Vette gets classic name and more power
Dealers 'chomping at the bit' for delayed MKZ
Lincoln tests a growing segment
Camaro tops Mustang in pony showdown
VW joins top 10 brand list; Chrysler and others gain
Higher tax on leases is a lose-lose idea
Distracted driving: What can be done?
Chevy's tag line recalls Saab's
Anyone have a deck of cards?
Dealer advocate Welch is just what NADA needs
Japan's currency crybabies
In pursuit of the 'wow' moment
Hunting for designers
Lexus concept gives preview of safety gear
GM seeks help with auto apps
Honda casts wide net in ad agency review
Survey: Spending on plants to rise
Lincoln's latest model: A showcase store
Nissan shifts Murano to Mississippi
Ford pilot expected to benefit minority dealers
Gee buys western Wash. Subaru store
Court: Ford store owes Edge buyer damages
Jeep posts record global sales
2012 retail sales outpace fleet
GE backs off plan for 25,000 EVs, plug-in hybrids
F&I faces tough climate in 2013
Store faces $100,000 punitive damage ruling
How a service manager spurred the F&I office
Stocks fall to nearly ideal level
Nissan's back -- just follow your nose
Dealers get special preview
2014 Lexus IS sedan gets subtle changes
Grand Cherokee will get 8-speed, diesel option
Compass, Patriot dump CVTs, get new 6-speed
Bosch expands in N.A. with direct injection, ABS and more
Turbos shift to fast lane in N.A.
Suppliers benefit from tailpipe crackdown
McElya honored for role in Cooper-Standard rescue
Early hardship forged McElya's desire to give back
GM adopts refrigerant despite Daimler fire worries
Buyers snap up Chevy Avalanche in last model year
Hotline to offer Colo. dealers free legal advice
Dealer and lawyer Bishton: 'I'm happy to be in both worlds'
Colleagues remember Jack
Through the decades
Jatco targets EVs, emerging markets
N.A. output dips in Dec.
Japan's NSK plans to build Mexico plant
'Chevy Runs Deep' didn't run long
How a pesky counselor pushed Delphi CEO into the auto business
Found: The missing Dart, with new name, lower price
Sagging Buick gets some love from the CEO
Former Ford exec Thursfield faces jail in divorce case
Automotive News - Janurary 14, 2013 - Intro
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