Automotive News - May 23, 2016 - Supplement - (Page Intro)

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Automotive News - May 23, 2016 - Supplement

Zuchowski to dealers: Get with the times
GM can't expect benefit of the doubt
Bo Andersson, out of the shadows
Nissan's Gonzalez sees upside in Mexico
Tesla case puts plant labor in spotlight
GM's Batey puts faith in numbers
Packing heat? That's cool with some Texas dealers
GM plans stop-start fleetwide by 2020
FCA: Big-car output will stay in-house
Volvo small car page 4
Alfa expects to unveil crossover by end of year
Next Audi A8 takes cues from Prologue concepts
Concepts preview new Volvo compacts
Mitsubishi’s reversal of fortune
NADA seeks allies to oppose FTC survey
Just arrived: Mercedes-Benz C-class coupe
M-B: New variants to lift sales of C-class coupe
Indy 500: Celebrate the automobile
There may be a way to zero deaths But is there a will?
Google positions updated Android as a standard for cars
China’s tastes shape Japan’s luxury cars
Batey: GM isn’t sweating share losses
Hinrichs: Restructuring paved way for Ford’s renaissance
Zuchowski: Hyundai well-positioned for new era
2017 GMC Acadia
Buyers wanted smaller Acadia
Penske rolls out online shopping across U.S.
Why most new hybrids are cars, not crossovers
Contests boost benefits of just showing up
Can PSA be most efficient carmaker?
Mobileye will supply 2 fully autonomous vehicles by 2021
Ghosn warns small makers: Beware a U.S. downturn
Honda rethinks Henry Ford's assembly line
McLaren charts big investment for big growth
Feds flash their badges on auto data
Connectivity for mom-and-pop fleets
Eagles work in concert for Fiat ad shoot
Supercharging a Facebook marketing drive
Can traffic deaths be eliminated?
(No heading)
Campaign for zero facalities started in safety-conscious Sweden
Driving Indy's pace car is an honor and a huge responsibility
Hyundai design team hosts a Bentley reunion
Garage Italia's custom BMW puts on a light show
The pace car? What else but a Chevrolet
As it turns out, in-store is on par with online
There's no beating Indy 500 in the '60s

Automotive News - May 23, 2016 - Supplement