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make I-5 more ev-friendly

As the transportation industry moves toward an electrified future, public and private organizations
are working to develop the right infrastructure to support electric vehicles of all sorts.


he 2019 version of the AutoMobility LA Hackathon will tackle the
challenge of developing an electric charging infrastructure to support
both EV and long-haul battery-electric truck traffic along the 1,300mile expanse of Interstate 5-stretching along the Pacific coast from the
Mexican border at San Ysidro, Calif., to the Canadian border at Blaine, Wash.
Over two days, Hackathon participants will work on an overall strategy and the enabling software and architecture for power providers in
California, Oregon and Washington, helping determine impacts to the
electric grid so that key charging locations can be identified and prioritized. Participants will develop solutions that support the planning of
smart-charging journeys, improve the in-vehicle experience with artificial
intelligence and provide appropriate charging options based on driving
range for different types of vehicles and driving styles.
The Hackathon is presented by Amazon Web Services (AWS), HERE Technologies and co-sponsored by SiriusXM Connected Vehicle Services.
"Vehicles often get judged by what's under the hood," says Mithun
Dhar, general manager of developer relations at HERE Technologies. "As
vehicles become increasingly electric, connected and automated, 'what's
under the hood' will also apply to the performance of the vehicle's backend systems.
"We're excited to support this real-world challenge where HERE location data and advanced routing algorithms will be used to plan and
optimize the EV infrastructure across one of the busiest stretches of U.S.
interstate. This Hackathon demonstrates the critical role developers play
in the automotive industry's transformation and future of mobility."
In their solutions, participants will combine data from the City of Los
Angeles, the Connected Vehicle Reference Architecture (CVRA 2.0) from
AWS, as well as the data from HERE Location Services and SiriusXM


Connected Vehicle Services.
Infrastructure strategy is critical for state and local governments and
power providers seeking to support sustainable EV charging. Tesla, for
example, has said its 500-mile battery-electric semitruck will consume
less than 2 kWh of energy per mile. That would require 1 megawatt of
electricity, roughly the same amount it takes to power 750 homes at once,
according to the California Energy Commission.
"The automotive industry is undergoing a transformation that requires a workforce with new skills, skills the Hackathon is helping to cultivate with a really tough challenge this year," says Dean Phillips, worldwide technical leader for automotive and manufacturing at Amazon
Web Services. "Advanced analytics, machine learning, and IoT (internet
of things) services are enabling multimodal mobility services that did
not exist before.
"At the same time, companies are investing in new in-vehicle architectures, battery-electric powertrains, and big data initiatives to harvest
value from the troves of data produced by their fleets of vehicles.
"Participants in the Hackathon will apply these technologies in innovative ways that demonstrate the art of the possible. I'm excited to see what
the participants come up with at the hack."
SiriusXM has prioritized vehicle enhancements for 23 years, says John
Jasper, senior vice president of connected-vehicle services. SiriusXM is
sponsoring the Hackathon, Jasper says, because "it is important for us to
support innovation within our community and encourage the next generation of technical talent to think outside the box.
"As we work to provide a more seamless connected experience for
drivers and passengers, we feel hackathons can empower teams to tackle
problems in new ways and come up with solutions faster." l


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