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nce again in 2019, AutoMobility LA is presenting its Top Ten Automotive Startups. The competition, a highlight of AutoMobility LA,
recognizes new companies that are redefining mobility and leading
the change within the transportation industry.
A panel of thought leaders, investors, startup veterans and auto industry
executives judge the entries to come up with ten finalists. From those startups, one is chosen as the grand prize winner, with the final award announced
at AutoMobility.
The 2019 Top Ten Automotive Startups competition is sponsored by
PlanetM-Michigan's mobility initiative, representing efforts around the
state-and co-sponsored by Plug and Play.
"We have an opportunity and a responsibility to advance the technology,
transportation and automotive landscape in a way that also has the ability to
impact and improve the lives of people in a very meaningful way," says Trevor
Pawl, senior vice president of business innovation at the Michigan Economic
Development Corp., which leads the PlanetM effort.
"Collaboration will be critical in developing, testing and deploying these


advancements, which is why PlanetM is so excited to be partnering to recognize startups that are driving the future of mobility."
Adam Jansen, innovation manager-mobility for Plug and Play, says startups are key to the mobility industry.
"The world's best entrepreneurs will always see market opportunities for
new technologies, then start their own companies to capitalize," Jansen says.
"While large incumbents understandably focus on expanding their core
businesses, these startups are freer to move quickly into completely new
fields of business.
"The rate of change within the automotive industry is only accelerating,
and startups will continue to be a factor.
"For example, Uber and Lyft were launched about a decade ago. Their success has resulted in a relatively mature ride-sharing market for urban areas,
which since paved the way for players like Bird and Lime to emerge last year.
"Now, new startups are looking for ways to improve the hardware reliability, fleet management logistics, and business partnership opportunities
associated with these micromobility solutions."


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