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Last year, Los Angeles-based Thor Trucks was selected as the grand prize
winner among the 2018 Top Ten Startups. Since its recognition, Thor has announced a partnership with Loomis Armored, the largest integrated cash
distribution network in the country, to deliver electric armored cars as part
of a pilot program.
Previous Top Ten Startups winners have included PolySync and WayRay,
while Top Ten lists have included a variety of innovators in artificial intelligence, radar and lidar systems, mapping and location systems, data collection, safety, and alternative mobility.
"Looking back, technologies that enable more flexible or sustainable
transportation have been the most exciting to me," says Plug And Play's

Jansen. "We have seen high-density and swappable battery technologies,
the emergence of micromobility through scooters and e-bikes and the continued exploration of alternate modes of transportation like hyperloop and
eVTOL (electric vertical takeoff and landing).
"Looking forward, I am particularly excited to see the implementation of
small freight/delivery robots on our streets. For B2C (business to customer)
applications, I see a huge opportunity for these delivery robots to take advantage of the shift to e-commerce and on-demand food delivery. For B2B
applications, autonomous-delivery robots can enable fast, clean, efficient
delivery of goods for manufacturing facilities, retailers, restaurants or any
other company that handles physical products." l

Acerta is helping OEMs and Tier 1s leverage machine
learning to optimize vehicle quality, safety, and reliability
throughout the entire product lifecycle. Our solutions are forged from industrial experience and driven by data, enabling Acerta's clients to detect the
earliest indicators of future product failures.
Chanje is a California-based innovation company delivering ground-up electric trucks and turnkey energy infrastructure solutions for
the commercial last mile industry. We're focused on creating sustainable
solutions that improve how companies move people  and packages from
transportation hubs to their final destinations.
GBatteries is an advanced battery technology company on a mission to charge electric vehicles as fast as it
takes to fill a tank of gas. We've developed an innovative way to charge Li-ion
batteries using artificial intelligence. Our protocol uses adaptive pulses as an
alternative to CCCV (constant current, constant voltage), enabling fast charge
without compromising the health of the battery. Our goal is to accelerate the
adoption of electric vehicles, by removing the "charge time" barrier.
GuardKnox provides optimized and cybersecure
high-performance computing platforms to not only
ensure security and safety,  but serve as the foundational layer for added
services, personalization, and revenue-generating opportunities across the 
automotive ecosystem. The GuardKnox platform is scalable and flexible and
is offered in a number of different product lines that  can be tailored to
customer's needs, specifications, and functionalities.
Humanising Autonomy is a London-based startup
building AI-powered technology that is able to predict the full range of
pedestrian and vulnerable road user behavior in real-time. Founded in 2017.
The company is on a mission to set the global standard in human-machine
interaction and was founded on the  premise of enabling a safer, more
human-centered implementation of autonomous technologies.

Silicon Mobility is a technology leader delivering flexible, real-time, safe, and open semiconductor solutions
for the automotive industry, that are used to increase
energy efficiency and reduce pollutant emissions while keeping passengers
safe. Our products control electric motors, battery, and energy management
systems of hybrid and electric vehicles. By using Silicon Mobility's technologies, manufacturers improve the efficiency, reduce the size, weight, and cost of
electric motors and increase the battery range and durability.
StreetScooter is a leading electric delivery
vehicle startup with currently more than 12,000 vehicles in daily use. The
German-based company was  acquired by Deutsche Post DHL Group in
2014 and together, they have electrified more than 700 depots and installed
13,500 charging points for joint use. StreetScooter is transforming itself from
an electric vehicle manufacturer into one of the leading global energy and
logistics platforms for the last mile.
Founded in 2017, TriEye is a semiconductor company
solving the low visibility challenge for Advanced Driver
Assistance Systems (ADAS) and Autonomous  Vehicles
(AV). TriEye's groundbreaking solution is based on almost a decade of nanophotonics research, led by TriEye's CTO, Prof. Uriel Levy. The company's cutting-edge technology enables HD imaging under all weather and lighting
conditions using a cost-effective, mass-produced CMOS based Short-wave
Infrared (SWIR) camera. TriEye's SWIR camera is imperative for ADAS and AV
functionality, reliability, and safety as it provides image data that standard
vision cameras just cannot "see."
TuSimple is the most advanced self-driving truck
company and plans to start driverless operations
in 2021. TuSimple is the only autonomous truck company capable of driving
from depot-to-depot without human intervention needed, which requires
both complex highway and local street driving. The company earns revenue
while it validates its system; it has 18 contracted customers and makes approximately 15 fully-autonomous trips every day.
Wunder Mobility is a technology provider enabling companies, cities, and OEMs to innovate, build, and scale mobility services. We help any company - from emerging tech start-ups to legacy
automakers - offer innovative mobility services that meet the needs of today's



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