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n the long history of the LA Auto Show, the industry has never
felt newer, fresher or more thrilling. The questions we are asking
long term conourselves are broad, deep, and have enormous, long-term
sequences. The innovations we are seeing are category-changing
and have global societal impact, shifting the way cities are viewing infrastructure and the way consumers see transportation.
As we stand on the brink of this seismic change, those that embrace the challenges and enable the solutions will gather at our
annual industry trade and media event, AutoMobility LA.
Automakers that have stood strong for as long as the industry has existed, stand side by side with those newer to the field.
Changing transport modes such as micromobility and electrification join hands with policymakers around infrastructure change.
Lifestyle and technology brands, so inextricably linked to automotive, help showcase the future of the consumer experience.
This is the new age we are welcoming in thanks to AutoMobility
LA's contributors and attendees. The visionaries, the creative
thinkers, the scientists, and catalysts for progress that allow our
industry to continue to forge new roads.
It is with this spirit of entrepreneurship and optimism that we will
coalesce in a city that is synonymous with innovation. More startups are created in LA every month than anywhere else in the US,
making LA a fitting location for the change-makers of our industry.
I hope this years' line up of vehicle debuts, debates, insights,
and breaking news will inspire and empower you for the coming
year and beyond.
After all, the future of the industry is in our hands and as the
inventor Alan Kay said, "The best way to predict the future is to
invent it."
Lisa Kaz



Automobility LA

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