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meets reality
Nomi: Alexa for autos.

Nomi is NIO's in-car artificial-intelligence system-its version of Alexa or Siri.
Liang compares some of the trust issues with AI and AVs to consumer feelings about smartphones and how they've evolved over the past ten years.
"We started with basic phones and lousy browsers," he says. "Then we added
cameras, added internet connections. Bit by bit, the industry built up the
functionality of the smartphone and built trust with consumers."
The future of AVs also depends on creating an effective infrastructure, developing regulations and resolving liability issues, Liang says. "We need to

work together to solve these issues," he says.
Based on the current low confidence numbers, part of the equation will
be consumer education. Automakers and tech companies think a consortium of interests will be involved in making people aware of autonomous
technology, the potential benefits and how to use it safely.
That includes national, state and local governments, which have an interest
in the potential of autonomous vehicles to reduce human errors on the road.
Some of the education will come from seeing self-driving technology in
confined, low-speed environments, whether that's at amusement parks or in
limited urban transportation offerings, Surhigh says.
"As more consumers have those experiences," he says, "they'll become
more accepting of the technology and develop trust."
Looking down the road, Liang and NIO envision a future where Level 4
and 5 autonomous-driving capability turns a vehicle into "a giant mobile
device, a shared space, a social space," he says. "The whole idea of getting
to autonomy is: How can you make the time in a car more accessible, more
valuable, when you're not actually driving?
"As the vehicle drives itself, the cabin will become our living room, a place
where riders can be productive and entertained."
Similarly, Harman International eventually wants consumers to start evaluating cars and their driving experience not only based on miles per gallon or
horsepower but also on "experiences per mile," Surhigh says.
Harman's goal, he says, is to provide a "unique experience, an augmented-reality experience, personalized for the individual. AI will ratchet up the
game and provide something different from anything you experience in a
car today." l



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