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Ontario goes after high-tech industry TRANS-CANADA NEWS

with sites," Fedeli said.
Even with the closure last December of
General Motors' Oshawa assembly line, which
threw more than 2,000 workers out of jobs,
Ontario remains the second largest auto-producing jurisdiction in North America after
Michigan, Fedeli stressed. But it's the presence of a thriving high-tech sector, second
only to Silicon Valley, that he believes will
help position the province for growth in an
evolving transportation industry.
"It's a smash-up of bending metal and technology," he said. "This is the unique place in
North America where the two meet."
Such convergence is already taking place
at Aurora, Ont.-headquartered Magna. The
third largest supplier in the world by annual sales to automakers, Magna is expanding
research-and-development efforts as it seeks to
become known as much as an innovator as an
assembler, said Walker.
"I think we're really well positioned to try
to take advantage of the new wave of technology coming to a car. And I think more than
ever the car companies are working in partnerships with the big suppliers."

Cooperation, he said, has become vital in
an industry that "is not particularly good at
optimizing return on investment capital," but
now must produce ever-more sophisticated

vehicles for consumers who want new features
but don't want to pay more.
The same pressure will force further consolidation among the industry's big players, Walker predicted. He
also sees opportunities to
acquire or partner with
startups bringing new technology to market, as Magna
has done with lidar and
radar gear for autonomous
In early March, Magna
was among a group of investors, pouring US $2.25 billion into Waymo, Alphabet's
Vic Fedeli:
self-driving r&d subsidiary.
As the globe's leading
about attracting
contract vehicle assembler
manufacturing - Magna builds vehicles
to the province. for BMW, Daimler, Jaguar
Land Rover and Toyota -
the company has the capability to build low-volume models for new electric-vehicle producers seeking a market foothold.
"Skateboards," or modular platforms that
incorporate electric motors, batteries and running gear, are a potential growth area. Magna
has developed a skateboard to potentially
underpin electric vehicles it will assemble
in a joint venture with BJED, a subsidiary of
Chinese automaker BAIC Group, Walker said.

Leclerc's electric future at Honda

Canada Agreement, as well
as increased costs as hybrid
variants of the vehicles produced in Canada are introduced.
Honda Canada has two
assembly plants in Alliston,
The company last year
built 196,569 Civic compact
cars and 211,195 CR-V compact crossovers, according to
the Automotive News Data
Center in Detroit. Combined
production at the plants,
which employ about 4,200
hourly employees, declined
5.8 per cent.
Honda sold 188,828 units in
Canada in 2019, down 3.4 per
cent from 2018. Sales under
Gardner peaked in 2017, with
a company record 197,251
units sold.
Honda has outlined plans
to electrify two-thirds of its
lineup by 2030 and is looking
to achieve that in large part

through hybrid offerings.
would be a challenge for autoSteve Chipman, CEO of the makers to raise consumer
Winnipeg-based Birchwood
demand for hybrids and other
Automotive Group, said navelectrified vehicles.
igating the transition
"It's going to be
to increased electritrue demand versus
fied offerings would
what manufacturers
be critical for the
are going to have to
company in the comput out there to hit
ing years. Birchwood
those quotas," he said.
owns two Honda dealLeclerc has been
erships in Winnipeg.
head of Honda Canada
"The guys in
sales and marketCanada have no con- Outgoing
ing for about three
trol over it, there's
Honda Canada years. He joined the
a transition into the
company in 1995 and
CEO Dave
electrical world [and] Gardner was
has held roles includis their biggest chal- promoted to
ing risk-management
lenge right now,"
officer and secretary
head of sales
Chipman said. "It's
of Honda Canada
for American
still a small part,
Finance Inc.
Honda Motor
but you've got to be
Born and raised
Co. F I L E P H O T O
in it."
in Ottawa, Leclerc
Leclerc said the company
earned an MBA and
would need to sell a "strong
Executive MBA at Athabasca
percentage" of hybrid verUniversity and a Bachelor
sions of its Civics and CR-Vs
of Commerce, Finance and
in the coming years to meet
Marketing at the University
greenhouse gas standards.
of Ottawa, according to his
Still, he acknowledged that it
LinkedIn profile. - ANC

Are you happy
with your current

lead provider?


however, for pushing traffic
to side streets never meant
for heavy use. Safety advocates have also warned it can
increase distracted driving.
Both Google and the City
of Ottawa warned users not to
send data while driving.
- Rob Bostelaar

ing automotive applications
for high-speed highway driving.
First Sensor, of Berlin,
Germany, makes an array
of sensing components, and
LeddarTech, founded in 2007
and based in Quebec City,
provides the scalable lidar
Leddar also joined a
Quebec delegation of tech
firms to exhibit at CES 2020 in
Las Vegas in early January,
where it was recognized for
its Leddar Pixell lidar that
helps AVs detect other road
users. - Steve Mertl

Mall is the 'perfect site'
for a new Porsche store
A LeddarTech partnership
with a Germany-based
sensor company was formed
to create standardized lidar

Canadian lidar company
heads for the fast lane

LeddarTech is partnering with First Sensor AG of
Germany to develop its LCA3
LeddarEngine, an effort that
will lead to the only open and
comprehensive lidar (light
detection and ranging) platform option for automakers
and Tier 1 suppliers, the companies say.
The benefits of the tie-up
are said to include providing
common architectures and
standardized components that
reduce risk, make scaling up
production easier, optimize
cost and provide flexibility for
multiple applications.
Lidar is an essential component in the operation of
autonomous vehicles, helping them detect other vehicles
and obstacles on the road. The
two companies are developing
a lidar evaluation kit target-

Porsche's new dealership will
be integrated with real-estate
developer Cadillac Fairview's
Markville shopping centre, says Pfaff Automotive
Partners CEO Chris Pfaff.
The new Porsche store will
connect directly to Markville
mall's parking structures,
enabling mall visitors "convenient and unprecedented"
Markville is "the perfect site" for the dealership,
Pfaff said. "Its proximity to
a number of manufacturer head offices, the number
and strength of luxury vehicle dealerships [in the area]
and its vibrant economy all
contributed to the decision to
locate here."
The new centre, 30 kilometres north of downtown
Toronto, will be the third
Porsche dealership within the
Pfaff Automotive Partners
portfolio and will be among
the first in the world to incorporate Porsche's new global
retail architecture, said Marc
Ouayoun, CEO of Porsche
Cars Canada Ltd.
- Joe Knycha

Pfaff Automotive Partners' third Porsche dealership will be
fully accessible to pedestrian traffic from nearby Markville mall.
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