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' IT S TIME. AUTOMOTIVE NEWS IS COMING TO CANADA! Automotive News Canada is focused exclusively on Canadian car dealers, automakers and suppliers. Our team of editors and journalists come from across Canada and are dedicated to bringing you news that represents the voice of the Canadian auto industry. BIG SAVINGS: Subscribe today at the special launch rate of $34 CAD! Your one-year subscription begins with the July issue and includes: * 12 monthly issues of print and digital editions * Unlimited 24/7 access to * Weekly email newsletter and breaking news alerts * Monthly sales report CRAIN SPECIAL LAUNCH EDITIO N AUTOMOTIVENEWS.C A FOR BREAKING NEW S A N D D I G I TA L E D I T I ON EV DEAD ZONE? Cold weather can 't be an excuse forever Technology By JEREM Y SINEK TORONTO CORR ESPONDEN T OIL PRICES ARE IN freefall, hydro prices are rising and electric cars still cost thousands more to buy than their conventional counterparts. would appear the case for It electric car has never beenthe weaker, especially in Canada where climate and distanc challenge any semblance e of function. But there's more at play BEST PRACTICES falling short, lack of federal incentives and product choice are seen as the major stumbling blocks for Canadians here than simple supply and demand, or lack thereof . "There is now the real cern about climate changecon," says Saeid Habibi, a profess or Upcoming cars such as Chevrolet Bolt, with a the range of more than 300 kilome tres, will help the electric cause. and electrification researc at McMaster University her in Hamilton, Ont. Shockingly talented Canadians are hiding in plain sight BUIC K LA By MICHA EL GOETZ TORONTO CORR ESPONDEN CRO SSE Mazda2 available at Toyot a stores instead of Mazda store It's more logical than it seem s? s as the companies expla in the marketing strategy T By STEVE MERT L VA N C O U V E R C O RRESPONDEN TI Q60 INFINI ALFA IULIA EO G ROM GLIO RIFO QUAD CHRYSLER THE TEACHER WHO MAKES FINANCI AL STATEMENTS FUN AND UNDERSTANDABL E Do you have your sights set on a career in the retail end of the Canadian vehicle industry? Maybe with an aim to perhaps one day operate your own dealership? Then chances are you have learned, or Professor Carol will learn, your Meissner makes financial statesense out of the ment acumen numbers. from one special teacher. Professor Carol Meissner has been guiding future automo tive professionals for 14 years at Canada's only dedicated automotive business school, the Automotive Busine School of Canada, at Georgi ss an SEE CANADA'S SLOW PAGE 36 Who decides what cars Canadian dealers sell? The ink often goes to the heads of car companies , or their lawyers, but these enthusiasts set the bar for how things could be WHEN YOU HEAD UP ANY global companies that populaOF THE te the automotive industry, you draw attention to yourse tend to lf. decisions affect the fortuneYour many, and, consequently, s of your makes the news on a regular name In this issue, we're profilinbasis. people who don't run automo g three tive empires, but have manag ed to have a positive impact on the Canadi an automotive landscape in their unique and thoughtful ways. own "These factors are creatin g an environment whereb y trification is inevitable." elecAside from tough new U.S. fuel-economy standards due 2025, international commi in ments at the November tCOP21 climate-change conference Paris, France, underline in that only "transformative change as Habibi calls it, will yield ," the necessary reductions in carbon-based fuel use. LEXUS LF- PACIFICA C2 CONC EPT T MAZDA CANADA'S DECIS bring in its latest genera ION NOT TO tion another sign of the fundam Mazda2 is ental shift in Canadians' car-buying habits. What might have some people scratching their heads, though, is the fact you can actually buy it in Canada if you're trot over to a Toyota dealers willing to hip . . . where it's called the Yaris. Mazda announced last Mazda2, produced in its fall the 2016 new Salamanca, Mexico, would plant in Canadian showrooms. Thisnot make it to lar decision by Mazda USA followed a simito not sell the subcompact there. The Americans' decisio surprising, given B-class n was not really scopic part of the U.S.-pa sales are a microssenger-car market. But the disappearance from the Canadian marketof the Mazda2 of how the landscape has is stark evidence changed north of the border. Compact and subcompact cars once SEE MAZDA2 MEETS PAGE 36 /// CANADA'S CAR CZA for anyone who thinks the R HAS A MESSAGE country's manufacturing sector can't compete in a global marketplace /PAGE 8 SEE A MAYOR PAGE 38 COLOSSAL OPPORTUNITIES: Reach the most influential decision makers in the industry. To learn more about advertising opportunities, contact Rick Greer at or (313) 446-6031. GREAT SUGGESTIONS: We'd love to hear your impressions of Automotive News Canada. Share your feedback and send story suggestions to editor Jeff Melnychuk at LEARN MORE AND SUBSCRIBE AT: http://www.AUTOMOTIVENEWS.CA

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