Fixed Ops Journal – February 2016 - (Page 39)

FIXED OPS JOURNAL Saturdays are workdays. Sundays aren't sacred. Consumer demand and the lure of profit are testing dealerships. It's about time FIXED OPS JOURNAL ILLUSTRATION SATURDAY SUNDAY ■ 'Dealers are still figuring it out' as 6th day of service swiftly becomes commonplace ■ Keeping Jiffy Lube at bay: A quest for loyalty leaves Honda store open all week KATIE KERWIN KATIE KERWIN I W n 2011, barely half of all new-car dealerships offered Saturday service, according to the National Automobile Dealers Association's annual Dealership Workforce Study. That has changed rapidly. In 2014, 92 percent of dealerships offered some form of Saturday service, from a quick oil change or brake job to full repairs, according to the 2015 study. Adding Saturday hours has created a new set of challenges for dealerships' fixed operations. Some service advisers and techs balk at losing part of their weekend. At least a few defect to nearby dealerships that require them to work weekdays only. Fixed operations managers may struggle to devise work schedules to fill the extra hours without damaging morale. One of the biggest challenges has been simply hiring enough trained service technicians to staff an additional day, given the SEE SATURDAY, PAGE 40 hen Hamilton Honda in Hamilton Township, N.J., began operating six years ago with a service department that was open seven days a week, there were plenty of skeptics. The state's blue laws forbid dealership sales departments from doing business on Sundays. Other Honda stores in central New Jersey had decided not to offer service, either, on Sundays. "In the beginning, people thought it wouldn't be worth it," says Hamilton Honda co-owner Mike Saporito. Now the dealership's service bays handle an average of 70 repair orders on a Sunday. "Most dealers would like to have 80 service orders on an average weekday," he says. Hamilton Honda averages 160 orders per day Monday through Saturday. Hamilton Honda follows many of the customer-friendly practices SEE SUNDAY, PAGE 42 FEBRUARY 2016 PAGE 39

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Fixed Ops Journal – February 2016

Editor’s Letter: Welcome to Fixed Ops Journal
Service Counter: Tracking fixed-ops numbers
Legal Lane: Court cases that affect you
Mobile mechanics: Do shop-free technicians threaten your business?
Mark Smith: A fixed-ops-focused dealer aims to change the industry
Adding capacity: Sales spur FCA, Subaru dealerships’ fixed-ops growth
Richard Truett: Toolmaker targets new techs
Designed for service: A look at a Minnesota dealership’s makeover
Weekend work: Service extends to Saturday, even Sunday
Tech exodus: How outdated policies worsen the tech shortage
Before Xtime: The origins of widely used scheduling software
Older parts: Toyota, Ford respond to older cars on the road
5 minutes with: Ford’s Toney, Toyota’s Laukes
Shop Talk: One question, multiple service directors
Fixed in Time: A look at service of yesteryear

Fixed Ops Journal – February 2016