Fixed Ops Journal – February 2016 - (Page 56)

FIXED OPS JOURNAL " Send suggestions for future Shop Talks to SHOP TALK Looking for service technicians? Who isn't? We asked fixed-ops managers, those on the front lines of the effort to find and recruit techs: When it comes to hiring service technicians, who is your biggest competitor? " "It is not so much having a competitor but finding technicians qualified to meet our standards. It's easy to find technicians that will come to work for you, but our company standards and training are so much more than most." APRIL LAUSCH Collision center manager, Faulkner BMW, Lancaster, Pa. " "Another BMW store. There were rumors that these guys always paid a little bit more than we have. But in recent months, they've been bought out. A lot of people have contacted me for positions." BILL SMITH Service director, Long Beach BMW, Signal Hill, Calif. " "As an industry, we are very slow to change. As a result, I feel that our biggest competitor to attracting and retaining technicians is ourself." CHRIS DIXON Fixed operations director, Carolina Volvo in Bluffton, S.C.; Volvo of Savannah (Ga.); Savannah Mitsubishi; Premier Collision of Savannah PAGE 56 FEBRUARY 2016 " "I have never had a problem hiring service technicians since I spend a lot of time and resources mentoring interns from our local high school automotive programs." DALE SNOW Fixed operations director, Mossy Toyota, San Diego " "Ourselves. We are paying more and offering different incentives to prevent turnover. We have managed as an industry to not train; now that the skilled technicians are beginning to phase out, we have left ourselves with nothing left to grow." GILLIAN CRUZ Parts and service director, North County Hyundai of Carlsbad, Carlsbad, Calif. Compiled by Jack Walsworth " "I would say our biggest competition is our surrounding dealers. There are several other Ford dealers in our own area. We're all vying for the same technicians, along with other brands." BILL CONDRON Fixed operations manager, Sawgrass Ford, Sunrise, Fla.

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Fixed Ops Journal – February 2016

Editor’s Letter: Welcome to Fixed Ops Journal
Service Counter: Tracking fixed-ops numbers
Legal Lane: Court cases that affect you
Mobile mechanics: Do shop-free technicians threaten your business?
Mark Smith: A fixed-ops-focused dealer aims to change the industry
Adding capacity: Sales spur FCA, Subaru dealerships’ fixed-ops growth
Richard Truett: Toolmaker targets new techs
Designed for service: A look at a Minnesota dealership’s makeover
Weekend work: Service extends to Saturday, even Sunday
Tech exodus: How outdated policies worsen the tech shortage
Before Xtime: The origins of widely used scheduling software
Older parts: Toyota, Ford respond to older cars on the road
5 minutes with: Ford’s Toney, Toyota’s Laukes
Shop Talk: One question, multiple service directors
Fixed in Time: A look at service of yesteryear

Fixed Ops Journal – February 2016