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FIXED OPS JOURNAL A customer's Outlander awaits insurance company approval for a fix. As the vehicle has no rear window, Mission must store it inside. ON A MISSION Weeks after the April 12 hailstorm hit San Antonio, Mission Mitsubishi still had an estimated two to three months of repair work ahead. "We are so overwhelmed," said General Manager Islam Hindash. "The simple task of running day-to-day operations and trying to keep people happy - that's very difficult to carry out." Earlier this month, Mission - the nation's highest volume Mitsubishi retailer - got some relief through new hires. They included a body technician and an administrator to deal with customers and insurance companies. Hindash was looking to hire more, including painters. "There are hundreds of thousands of dollars of outstanding work waiting to be completed," he said. "I've got 60 cars on the ground waiting for repairs." Here are scenes from his shop. PAGE 18 MAY 2016 ■ At Mission Mitsubishi, recovery from a historic hailstorm hinges on an overtaxed staff, new hires and plenty of help from outsiders Above: A Dodge Charger that belongs to a customer - Mission Mitsubishi services all makes and all models - bears the doomed markings of the body shop estimator: The car will have to be totaled. At left: A Mitsubishi Lancer awaits replacement glass. Body work won't begin until the glass is installed. PHOTOS BY DIANA M. LOTT

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Fixed Ops Journal - May 2016