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FIXED OPS JOURNAL SURVEY SHIFT ■ Hyundai rolls out a new system to track customer satisfaction KATIE KERWIN F or years, Hyundai Motor America and its dealers tracked the satisfaction level of service department customers with a survey containing as many as 40 questions - some of them multipart. Completing the lengthy questionnaire discouraged many customers from spending time on detailed comments, depriving dealers of a valuable tool, says Michael Deitz, senior group manager in charge of owner marketing. The data was aggregated on Hyundai's internal dealer website, where looking into individual problems or reading verbatim comments required a service manager to drill down into the results. Follow-up mechanisms were clunky. Worst of all, the system PAGE 28 MAY 2016 wasn't able to tell whether or when service staff followed up with customers who reported a bad experience. To get a better grip on service satisfaction, Hyundai is rolling out a threeprong approach, including Deitz: "Our a customer retention sur- desire is to stop vey due by early next chasing the number and month. The new process started focus on the in late 2014, when the experience." company began asking customers within two days of picking up their serviced vehicle for a brief review like those on Amazon and Yelp. The e-survey, managed by SureCritic Inc., takes less than a minute to complete and can be done on a smartphone, tablet or computer, Deitz says. The review is private - shared only with Hyundai and the store - but the customer has the option to make it public. The dealership may respond in the same forum. Part two of the plan was launched in March, when the company introduced the streamlined 16-question Hyundai Service Experience Survey. A week after their visit, it is mailed to 35 to 40 percent of repair and maintenance customers - a sample size Deitz says is statistically sufficient. Diagnosing problems Both new surveys provide near-instantaneous results, and service managers are alertSEE HYUNDAI, PAGE 29

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