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FIXED OPS JOURNAL inside May 2016 18 features 12 17 18 26 28 32 36 40 42 46 48 50 52 26 'Grease monkey'? Not here, not her Hail: San Antonio storms sent service bosses scrambling Photo story: Inside Mission Mitsubishi's hail-repair center High light: How a service boss saw the way to safer lifts Service satisfaction: Hyundai shortens its surveys Certification: The dispute over FCA's self-inflicted tech shortage Tsunami: Rising off-lease vehicles will test service departments Recalls: The toll on customer satisfaction 90-second oil change: It's here if automakers say yes Financing fixes: Helping customers pay isn't always easy Supreme Court: For overtime case, justices take Service 101 Tech trends: How industry changes are altering service Top 50: Dealership groups ranked by parts & service revenue departments 42 4 6 8 11 Editor's Letter Service Counter Legal Lane Profit Builder 24 55 56 58 Richard Truett 5 Minutes With Shop Talk Fixed in Time ABOUT THE COVER 36 High-tech techs: Nelly Colon, a Nissan certified master technician, is evidence of how the 'grease monkey' label no longer fits service techs. PAGE 12 COVER PHOTO: JOE REPOLE Fixed Ops Journal Staff ● EDITOR: Dave Versical ● DEPUTY EDITOR: James B. Treece ● DESIGNER: Steve Massie ● REPORTERS: Laurence Iliff, Richard Truett ● DATA: Camille Pippen, Mary Raetz ● COPY EDITORS: Tom Fetters, Patricia C. Foley, Omari Gardner, Elizabeth Hardy, Karen Faust O'Rourke ● CORRESPONDENTS: Eric Freedman, Jim Henry, Katie Kerwin, Alex Kwanten, Tim Moran >> Webinar on maximizing service bays Each quarterly issue of Fixed Ops Journal will be accompanied by a free webinar. ● NEXT EVENT: "How to Get the Most Out of Your Service Bays" ● PRESENTER: Gary Edwards, president of Edwards & Associates ● WHEN: 2 p.m. EDT, Thursday, May 26 ● SIGN UP: ● ADVERTISING: Rick Greer, director of sales, MAY 2016 PAGE 3

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Fixed Ops Journal - May 2016
Editor’s Letter
Service Counter
Legal Lane
Profit Builder
‘Grease monkey’?
Photo story
Richard Truett
High light
Service satisfaction
90-second oil change
Financing fixes
Supreme Court
Tech trends
Top 50
5 Minutes With
Shop Talk
Fixed in Time

Fixed Ops Journal - May 2016