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FIXED OPS JOURNAL CHANGING OIL CHANGES ■ Obstacles on the road to a 90-second, clean swap RICHARD TRUETT To see a video that shows how the system works, he oil change is go to probably the No. 1 castrol reason customers visit dealerships' servNo pits and ice departments for scheduled maintenance. no lifts: The job has been done the same way almost Castrol's since the birth of the automobile: Drain the unit carries old oil, usually by going underneath the veoil and hicle; change the oil filter; pour in new oil. filter. To Someday an oil change could be done in 90 replace: seconds with no tools and no mess - if auLift out the tomakers adopt an innovation by Castrol, a old cartridge, unit of BP, formerly known as British Petrodrop in the leum. But substantial hurdles stand in the new, lock it way of its adoption by automakers. in place. The innovation, called Nexcel, relies on an all-in-one cartridge housed in a rectangular uct developcontainer that sits beside the engine under ment chief for the hood. It contains all the oil that would Ford Motor Co. normally be stored in the oil pan, plus the oil who now is chairfilter, which is usually housed on the side or man of the Nexcel front of the engine. advisory board, To change the oil and oil filter, simply open says the system ofthe hood, lift out the old cartridge, drop in a fers benefits to dealnew one and lock it in place. ers, consumers and Pros automakers: Castrol says the Nexcel cartridge can be Ⅲ Reduced carbon changed in less than two minutes, without dioxide emissions behaving to drive a vehicle over a pit or raise it cause oil in a Nexcel conon a lift. There's no chance of spilling the old tainer can warm up faster oil and no worries about draining the old oil than oil in today's engines. filter before disposal. Ⅲ Simplified disposal and recycling of used oil. Aston Martin is the first - and so far only - automaker to make Nexcel standard Ⅲ Precise control over the quality of oil that goes into the engine, resulting in fewer interequipment on one of its vehicles: the $2.3 nal engine failures from using cheap or immillion Vulcan, a factory-built race car that is not street legal. Richard Parry-Jones, a former prod- T Nexcel is standard in one car: the Aston Martin Vulcan racer. proper grades of oil. Castrol has tested the system on regular production cars and is shopping it around to automakers. Castrol expects Nexcel to be used on regular production cars, probably in Europe, by 2020. While the cost of a Nexcel cartridge would likely be slightly higher than the oil and filter sold separately today, Parry-Jones said service departments would save time and labor and be able to charge about the same price for an oil change. SEE CASTROL, PAGE 44 PAGE 42 MAY 2016

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