Investment News - Thrivent Reprint - 2

INCSS: Because of its mission
and ownership structure,
Thrivent is an unusual money
manager. Explain what makes
you different.
David Royal: Thrivent Financial
is a member-owned, notfor-profit financial services
organization that was started
more than 100 years ago as
a fraternal benefit society for
Lutherans and today manages
about $136 billion in assets.
We are owned by the owners
of our insurance products.
In 2014, we expanded our
mission beyond Lutherans to

serve all Christians and help
them be wise with money. We
do that through a wide range
of educational tools and a full
suite of financial products - life
and health insurance, fixed and
variable annuities, and a family
of 25 mutual funds that have
$17 billion in assets. Investors
in the funds don't have to be
a member of Thrivent or a
Christian, and the funds are
available on most major fund
platforms. Our average account
size is $20,000, which is low
by industry standards, but our
mission is to serve people at all
levels, not just the wealthy.

INCSS: So let's talk about
how you execute on that
mission. Mark, explain
Thrivent's fixed-income
Mark Simenstad: Our research
efforts are organized by asset
class or risk class. We have
dedicated groups that focus on
securitized products, investmentgrade credits, domestic high
yield and emerging-market
dollar-denominated sovereign
credit. We have a dedicated
staff of 15 analysts with three
in support and three doing
quantitative research.


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