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SALES & MARKETING Sales & Marketing A new marketing package Following name change, Path to Purchase Institute expands its digital offerings BY MATTHEW SCHWARTZ AD VANTAGES UBM name adds value overseas verything Channel, which publishes CRN, in late September changed its name to UBM Channel. That was the second name change for the group in three years; in 2008 its name was changed to Everything Channel from CMP Media. BIO Robert Faletra, Robert CEO of UBM Faletra Channel, spoke to Media CEO, UBM Channel Business about the name change. Media Business: Why was the name of the company changed? Robert Faletra: It’s an effort to leverage the value of the (parent company) UBM’s name as we push our brands toward international efforts. Everything Channel is well-recognized in North America, but less so overseas. UBM has a global footprint and has operations in all of the major markets around the world, including China and India. It’s a highly recognized brand, and this gives us the ability to use that in a marketable fashion. MB: In the digital age, what are the sales and marketing challenges of a name change? Faletra: To some degree, it’s easier. People are used to coming to the website and are used to seeing (our) publications. We’re not changing the brands of our products; it’s really the name change of the company that sits above the brands. Most of our customers really interface with pieces of the business or with multiple pieces of the business; but they know us and they know our capabilities. —M.S. A which exhibits at Shopper Marketing Expo. t the Path to Purchase Institute’s annual (P&G coined the term “first moment of Shopper Marketing Expo in October, truth” in 1995 to define the first few seconds the institute rolled out its Online Adver- when a consumer faces a product on the shelf.) tising Survey and Insight Service. “As a b-to-b supplier,” Caravan said, “we Oasis allows subscribers to monitor and ana- have to think about the entire path to purchase, lyze digital advertising of such retailers as CVS, so our products and services are understood and Kroger Co. and Wal-Mart Stores. relevant at all of the appropriate touch points.” Oasis is one of a series of new marketing vehiThe institute, which has changed its website cles at the institute, a for-profit association that address ( to reflect its new name, serves retailers, marketers, agencies and point- has added several programs to its portfolio withof-purchase vendors. in the last 12 months. In September, the association—which pubIn addition to the Oasis service, the institute lishes Shopper Marketing, a monthly magazine tar- also introduced the Retail Academy, a program geting the retail marketing offering senior retail execs sector—officially changed free lodging, seminars and its name to the Path to Pura private lounge just off the chase Institute. show floor at this year’s The group’s latest incarShopper Marketing Expo. nation underscores the In September, the instibroadening of the organizatute announced that it was tion’s member base beyond collaborating with Effie its original, point-of-purWorldwide to expand the chase focus to include number of awards at the search, social, mobile, diannual Effie Awards comPeter Hoyt, executive director-CEO, rect, events, couponing and petition given for effectivePath to Purchase Institute other marketing-related ness in shopper marketing. companies. Shopper Marketing Effie awards, which de“It pushes us into a much broader marketing buted last year with just two categories—one arena, without diminishing our focus on sales that for manufacturers and one for retailers—will take place within bricks and mortar,” said Peter now be expanded to 15 categories. Winners Hoyt, executive director-CEO of the organization. will be announced at the institute’s 2012 ShopHe said that the changes are also designed to per Marketing Summit, which will take place better serve the entire “ecosystem” of in-store April 16–18 in Chicago. marketing, including digital touch points at FaceIn order to keep members up-to-date on marbook and Google, direct marketing and tradition- ket trends, the institute last November introal media brands that are now following budget duced its League of Leaders, who meet twice a dollars as they migrate into shopper marketing. year and present 19-minute “Lighting Lectures” “You make the decision to buy in-store, but that offer insights on issues affecting the in-store there are a lot of influences along the way on the shopping industry. League members also serve path to purchase, and many of them now are digi- as adjunct editors for Shopper Marketing and tal,” he added. “And in order for us to be relevant provide ongoing feedback throughout the year to our audience, which is looking at things with a on the publication’s content. wider lens, we felt we needed to change the name.” “Instead of having a board of directors that “[Hoyt’s] capturing what the industry is call- sits around and talks about policy, we’re getting ing the ‘path to purchase,’ from consuming media a fire hose of current concerns from the leaders outside the retail environment all the way of the industry,” Hoyt said, “and that, more through to what Procter & Gamble Co. calls ‘the than anything else we do, has empowered the first moment of truth,’ ” said Kelly Canavan, mar- institute to have its finger on the pulse of what’s keting manager at 3M Digital Out of Home, happening in the marketplace.” E “In order for us to be relevant to our audience, which is looking at things with a wider lens, we felt we needed to change the name.” 24 | Media Business | November 2011 |

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