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Lindner increases sales, service in
France through new partnership
By Jim Johnson
Plastics News Staff
Recycling machinery maker
Lindner Recyclingtech GmbH is
expanding the company's presence
in France through a new
sales and service subsidiary in
cooperation with Groupe Cimme.
" [Lindner France] wants to
get closer to its customers and
strengthen its position on the
French recycling market, " the
company said in announcing the
new approach.
" France is an important market
for us. Setting up Lindner France
is crucial if we want to look after
our French customers even more
effi ciently and offer them even better
service, " said Michael Lackner,
managing director at Lindner, in a
statement. " Thanks to our mobile
shredders and our solutions for
waste-to-energy and plastics recycling,
we already have a strong
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discuss how these circumstances
are affecting the company.
Compared with last year, the
machinery for plastic recycling
is seeing percentage sales drops
in the double digits.
" The sales are not on the level
of the last years. The intake is lower,
especially in Europe, no discussion
about that, " Hackl said.
" But we have other regions
all over the world that we are
still getting orders from. We are
currently benefi ting from two
things. First, that we have a
broad product portfolio, including
recycling machines, fi ltration
systems, high-tech components,
and used and remanufactured
machines. That broad customer
base ensures higher stability,
especially in these economically
challenging times. And second,
we benefi t from the fact that
we brought two energy-saving
technologies onto the market
last year that help our customers
make signifi cant savings in
energy consumption and thus
achieve greater profi tability.
" For example, with our EcoGentle
technology, up to 12 percent
energy savings can be achieved in
special applications in PET recycling
while maintaining the high
recyclate quality. Given high energy
prices, this is an increasingly
important purchasing decision
for recyclers, " Hackl said.
The dire situation is not exclusive
to the plastic recycling
sector. The general economic
situation all over Europe means
that people are reducing their
consumption, be it in the construction,
automotive or plastic
sectors, Hackl commented.
" Due to the fact that less material
is used by the converter, recyclers
are producing less material.
On top of that, there's the high
energy prices so it's really quite
a tough time, especially for recyclates
in the lower-quality end
presence on the French market.
" Through local contact points
and service partners, we, as a
brand manufacturer, also want to
offer our customers the best possible
service. That's our declared
goal, " he added.
Lindner France is being described
as " a new sales and service
subsidiary of Lindner Recyclingtech,
working together closely
with the headquarters in Austria
and also local distributors, that
will be led by Lindner France.
Manufacturing will remain completely
in Austria, " the company
said in an email interview.
" The need is clearly to be closer
to the customer and strengthen
our position in France with a
local subsidiary, " Lindner said.
The new organization is based
in Seclin, France, with a territory
covering the entire country. Lindner
describes the country as " a
very important market with still
Erema Group CEO
Manfred Hackl.
Erema Group photo
a lot of potential. "
" We've been considering the
decision for quite some time, and
yes, we are also thinking about establishing
a local Lindner presence
in other locations as well. But we
cannot let you know yet where, "
Lindner said in the email interview.
The initial steps in creating
Lindner France includes hiring
both a managing director and director
of sales for the territory
with more hiring in the future,
Lindner said.
Fran├žois Defrenne, president of
Groupe Cimme, is the managing
director of Lindner France, and
Vincent Roger is sales director,
the company said.
" With the foundation of Lindner
France, we have reached an important
milestone for increased
customer proximity. We are looking
forward to a great cooperation
and to the projects we can
implement together in the future, "
Defrenne said in a
separate announcement
regarding the
new subsidiary.
Lindner characterized
the move as " an
important strategic
step in its history. "
" What we've
learned is that, in
certain markets, you can only be
successful with a local subsidiary
with local employees - regarding
language, culture and deeper
market insights. That is why we
take this important step into the
French market and are looking
forward to the upcoming projects
developing the French waste
management and recycling market
further, " Lindner said in the
email interview.
Groupe Cimme offers equipment
for sale or rent, both new
and used, from manufacturers including
Toyota, Volvo,
Hall A6,
Booth 6404
Fuchs, McCloskey
and now Lindner,
according to the
company's website.
Word of the new
sales and service
subsidiary for
France follows a recent
move by Lindner
to combine its
Lindner Washtech operations in a
new holding company with Erema
called Blueone Solutions. Blueone,
owned 50-50 by each fi rm,
" [leverages] both companies' expertise
and jointly [executes] research
projects to create industry
standards in plastic recycling. "
Lindner also recently opened
new production facilities in Spittal
an der Drau, Austria, valued
at 48 million euros. It was a move
that increased production capacity
and created manufacturing
effi ciencies, Lackner said in a previous
- countries where energy and labor
costs are signifi cantly cheaper
than in Europe.
Erema's CEO echoed the sentiment
by noting that Europe is the
birthplace of the plastics recycling
" I think we have to keep in mind
that the industry was born here.
We have developed it - the products
as well as the machinery. It
would be a shame if we were to
give up on this industry now. We
have strong innovation power,
but we also need the circumstances
to help us put this power to
use, " he said.
At Fakuma, Erema is doing its
share of the task. It is announcing
a new artifi cial intelligence-powered,
self-learning software tool
that automatizes the operation
of its laser fi lters. The new tool
will allow the fi ltration system to
self-optimize, no longer requiring
an operator to manually adjust
the fi lter depending on the
contamination level of the recyclate
segment, " he added.
Not all is gloomy and gray,
though. Erema is already seeing
signs of recovery. " We see that we
have already reached the bottom
of the curve. We think [demand]
will go up in the next months -
how strong and how fast, one
hears different rumors in the market, "
Hackl said.
The main recovery indicators,
according to Hackl, are the slight
rise in prices of virgin polymers
and recent forecasts indicating
some economic growth in Europe
for 2024. The latest fi gures for
Austria predict a growth of 1.5
percent in 2024, compared with
a 0.6 percent contraction in 2023.
This slow recovery, however,
won't be enough to repair the
damages to the European Union's
2025 recycling targets, Hackl said.
" I think it will be quite hard -
and frankly unrealistic - to fulfi ll
the targets for 2025. Very little
investment in being done in Europe, "
Hackl said.
Whilst the industry is faltering,
Erema's CEO is positive it is not
a dying one. Policy support from
Brussels is needed to stimulate it,
he said, as well as understanding
that plastics are a tool to achieve
climate neutrality.
" [Supporting the plastic recycling
industry] would build an
economic incentive for Europe
because we can export this technology;
we can export this knowhow
and do businesses all over
the world, which would be a gain
for the economy in Europe. We
also need to explain to the politicians
that plastics are a solution
for climate neutrality, because we
need less energy than paper and
glass. Without support for the
industry, we end up producing
more CO2 through other materials, "
he said.
Industry body Plastics Recycling
Europe has argued that
enforcement mechanisms are
needed to level the playing fi eld
between Europe and Asian countries
exporting recycled polymers
into the continent. It said
Europe is using " nontransparent
imports " from non-European
countries to meet targets set by
the Single Use Plastics Directive
rather than supplying that demand
with made-in-Europe recycled
Between 2021 and 2022, the
main imports of PET came from
India, China and Turkey, followed
by Indonesia, Egypt and Vietnam
The technology has been under
development for the past two
years and uses machine learning
and sensors to automatically adjust
the fi lter to the contamination
level. It is a " milestone " for
Erema, Hackl said, and a big benefi
t for the customer in terms of
convenience paired with low risk
as well as reduced waste.
Visitors on the show fl oor can
also expect a new machine addition
to Erema's portfolio, a size
2325 Intarema TVE, its largest so
far for polyolefi ns. The recycling
system handles high, low and linear
low density polyethylene and
polypropylene with a capacity of
up to 4,000 kilograms per hour.
" This is the fi rst time we [have
built] such a big machine for polyolefi
n recycling, " Hackl explained.
" Until now, we had reserved these
big throughputs and big lines for
PET. We've applied all those learnings
into polyolefi n recycling. "
The machine is undergoing
testing at Erema's facilities during
the next weeks and should hit the
market after Fakuma.

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