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Anything 300-400 tons and
down, by the time you option
up a hydraulic machine to the same
performance levels as all-electric,
they're on par with each other. And
if you start factoring in the lower
operating cost, energy effi ciency
and a lot less maintenance on
them, they quickly bridge the gap -
sometimes as soon as six months. "
Tony Marchelletta
Sumitomo (SHI) Demag Plastics Machinery GmbH
available in four payload sizes (3,
5, 10 and 20 kg), are designed for
injection molding machines with
clamp force sizes between 50 and
500 tons and for standard applications
with cycle times of 10 seconds
and higher.
All of the robots incorporate
Sumitomo (SHI) Demag's myConnect
web-based software for
direct access to network of support
services to help better manage
ineffi ciencies, reduce costs,
optimize total cost of ownership,
troubleshoot errors and minimize
Matching automation
to applications
For more complex and industry-specifi
c requirements, Sumitomo
(SHI) Demag is collaborating
with two partners that are
experts in their respective fi elds:
Sepro (Hall A1, Booth 1203) and
Hekuma (Hall A7, Booth 7202).
At the Sepro booth, four polypropylene
cups are molded every
four seconds on an IntElect
S 130/520-460. A multitasking
Sepro high-speed linear robot
extracts and stores each component
from the four-cavity mold
tool supplied by Kebo.
For processors in the medical
and health care markets, Sumitomo
(SHI) Demag demonstrates
production of extremely narrow-tolerance
in high volumes at fast speeds
with a compact turnkey cell at the
Hekuma booth.
Visitors can see a clean
room-compliant IntElect S
100/470-250 machine produce 32
pipette tips that are demolded
and placed into corresponding
racks in less than fi ve seconds.
The 32-cavity tool from Schöttli
their competitive edge with a
fast-cycling hybrid El-Exis SP 250.
In a work cell with a six-cavity
mold tool (supplied by Glaroform),
six fl owerpots with a shot weight
of 55 grams are produced every 3.5
seconds from the mechanically recycled
polypropylene supplied by
Borealis. Campetella's side-entry
robot removes and stacks them on
a conveyor belt. The demonstration
is the epitome of production
effi ciency, Nomblot said.
" Despite extremely high production
volumes, molding precision
is equally important. Thinwalled
applications of this nature
need the fastest injection speed
and opening and closing dynamics, "
Nomblot said.
" Achieving
perfectly centered drainage holes
with a shot weight of 55 grams requires
an even spread of the melt
into each cavity. "
LSR opportunities
Sumitomo (SHI) Demag highlighted
its multicavity LSR processing
capability, including OPC
UA interface compatibility, on a
fully electric IntElect 180/570-250
injection molding machine. This
system will produce 256 individual
15-gram conductor seals in a
cycle time of 17 seconds.
" The market for liquid silicone
is growing dynamically, both in
terms of applications demanding
skills in LSR as well as volume, "
according to Rustam Aliyev, the
company's LSR expert and business
development director of automotive
and electronics.
The material is unique because
it remains fl exible and elastic
down to -50° C yet also retains
its properties up to 200° C. As a
result, LSR is used extensively in
electronic components, cables
and products where insulation
is required, as well as in medical
and health care products and the
consumer goods sector.
At Fakuma, LSR tooling specialist
Rico supplied the 256-cavity
open tool system for the conductor
seals, and Wacker supplied
the Elastosil material, which is
dispensed by a dosing system
supplied by Reinhardt-Technik.
The turnkey
every processing step to
effi ciently manufacture 256 LSR
parts every 15 seconds with minimal
fl ash and material waste.
" It's the defi nition of high-volume
sustainable production, "
Aliyev said.
An integrated Sepro robot removes
the parts and inserts them
into a nest pipe system as opposed
to 256 components ejecting
from the tool and falling into
a box. The 256 components then
are funneled into an individual
receptacle, feeding into smaller
packing boxes.
The full LSR package includes
the injection unit, robot, vacuum
and venting. To ensure full traceability
of components, the OPC
interface connects to the IntElect
processing data in real time.
Visitors to the Reinhardt-Technik
booth (Hall A3, Booth 3313)
will see surgical dental protection
covers being manufactured with
a combination of thin walls and
thick beaded geometries.
To accomplish this level of LSR
molding precision, specialists in
health care applications EMDE
MouldTec supplied the gated
four-cavity mold tool, which fi ts
into the generous tool space of
the IntElect 75/420-65.
Because each part weighs just
0.425 grams, the exhibit features
Sumitomo (SHI) Demag's smallest
IntElect injection unit.
The burr-free dental components
are produced in 25 seconds,
then a Sumitomo (SHI) Demag
SAM-C5 robot removes them and
places them into containers to
maintain hygiene standards.
Automation abounds
Sumitomo (SHI) Demag continues
to add to its integration and
automation products with robotics
prevalent at Fakuma.
Any task performed faster,
more reliably and effi ciently gives
polymer processors a competitive
edge and higher production
capacity, according to Jürgen
Schulze, automation business
unit director.
" SAM-C responds to the market
demands for high-availability,
low-maintenance automation
solutions that require minimal human
intervention, " Schulze said.
" In addition to increasing production
capacity of standard components,
this 'easy automation'
range simultaneously addresses
the skills and labor challenges
many currently face. Customers
benefi t from process and system
technology from a single supplier
source, complete with hardware
control integration
and robotic mechanics fully
customized to Sumitomo (SHI)
Demag machines. "
The company is concentrated on
what it refers to as the " easy automation "
of its proprietary robots,
which includes the SAM-C5 Cartesian
handle-and-box robot and the
SAM-C3 handle-and-place robot -
both with small footprints.
In a compact turnkey demonstration,
an automated IntElect
75 can produce 25-gram measuring
calipers every 22 seconds
with a polystyrene from Ineos.
The cell includes a handle-andbox
robot and a storage and conveyor
Another IntElect 75 machine
on the main stand demonstrates
the SAM-C3 handle-and-place
capabilities combined with a
conveyor belt and sprue mill all
enclosed within a low-height production
The press produces two consumer
cover caps made of high
density polyethylene supplied by
MOL Group. During the 25-second
cycle time, 32 grams of material
are injected into each of the two
mold cavities. The Cartesian vertical
telescopic axis then extracts
the parts and places them onto an
enclosed conveyor.
The SAM-C robots, which are
ensures 9 grams of PP material
evenly fi lls every cavity. Hekuma's
six-axis HEKUtip gripper
system automates the demolding
and quality inspection process.
Adaptive melt control
Sumitomo (SHI) Demag said it
is driving forward digitalization
to enhance sustainability with
the launch of activeMeltControl
for its all-electric injection molding
machines. The fully automatic
control process integrates into the
machine's control system to provide
greater process continuity.
" With aMC, we can compensate
for shot weight variations in nearly
all applications and materials,
whether it's due to batch fl uctuations,
recyclables, regrind, drying
differences, dosing variations or
the use of additional additives, "
said Thomas Schilling, product
manager for digital solutions.
For example, shot weight fl uctuations
in 100 percent recycled
material can be corrected by the
software, bringing it to the level of
virgin material.
" This signifi cantly reduces the
customer's reject rate. Depending
on the process and material, it
goes toward zero, " Schilling said,
adding that leads to better process
consistency, longer machine uptime
and reduced scrap, which all
contribute to greater sustainability.
" Furthermore, customers benefi
t from greater manufacturing fl exibility,
as a wider range of material
variations can be accommodated
when using post-consumer and
post-industrial resin types. "

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