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EDITOR’S NOTEBOOK Frankie Says Relax Finding calm in the storm of the holiday season can be tough but not impossible. How do you relax? Someone recently asked me this question and I was flummoxed on how to respond: “I don’t know. Bad reality television and a glass of red wine?” The truth is I didn’t have a good answer because I didn’t know how to, well, relax. While the life of a beauty editor is definitely fun, it’s also fast-paced, often requiring me to travel, stay abreast of the latest trends, work on multiple stories at a time and, of course, make deadlines. With the holidays approaching, relaxation was not on my agenda. That is, until a friend of mine sat me down and insisted I try the latest treatment at Los Angeles’ famed Ona Spa. “It’s called Ona Radiance,” she informed, “and it combines acupuncture with massage while specially targeting your wellness concerns.” Though I wasn’t convinced that I could truly relax with needles pressed into me, I decided to give acupuncture a try, and booked an appointment. Once at Ona, I sat down with acupuncturist Sherrie Matthews for a customized assessment of what I hoped our session would accomplish. After explaining that I was really just looking to de-stress, Matthews took my pulse and examined my tongue to further understand my “internal deficiencies.” Ever the skeptic, I wondered where this was going, but the next thing I knew I was laying on the treatment bed ready to brave those all-intimidating needles. While I prepared myself for what I was sure would be a less-than-pleasant feeling, a funny thing happened—I felt nothing. Sure, I knew something was happening, but there wasn’t the least bit of pain or discomfort. In fact, I became so relaxed that I could feel my legs turn to Jell-O and my head sink deeply into the soft mattress. It was as if all of the stress and tension I had Where the magic happens: Ona Spa’s treatment been carrying was suddenly melting away. My room (Los Angeles) session concluded with a full body massage that was downright heavenly, and I left the spa in a dizzy haze of rejuvenated calm. It was truly the best I had felt in months, and it only took a couple hours out of my day. So if you’re gearing up to hit the holidays head-on, make sure you take a little time out for yourself. Expand your horizons and open your mind. You might just find your place of Zen. —Jillian Gordon Jillian Gordon, Managing Editor 26 11.11 Jillian: Armando Sanchez; treatment room: courtesy of Ona Spa

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