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BACKSTAGE PASS Oh What a Night! Launchpad gets an exclusive backstage pass for the 2011 NAHA runway presentations. In Las Vegas, a surprising sense of calm permeates the mood backstage in one of Mandalay Bay Hotel & Casino’s biggest ballrooms. Very surprising, indeed, seeing as the likes of probeauty’s greatest artists—including Damien Carney, Amy and Woody Michleb, and Anita Gutierrez—are each working to express themselves and their respective brands for the NAHA runway presentations (quite arguably the industry’s biggest night of the year). The Ricci Hair Co. re-imagines superheroes’ wives in its compilation; the Master Stylists team presents a bounty of unique looks representative of each artist; and the P&G presentation unites all four of its probeauty brands (Clairol Professional North America, Nioxin, Sebastian Professional and Wella Professionals) to showcase their individualism. “It’s such an honor to be here…to be surrounded with such amazing talent,” smiles Carney, whose model—bedecked with over-the-top hairpieces—was completed hours before the show’s start time. “After prepping models for so many years, you learn how to plan, how to prepare and how to get things done in a timely fashion, to the best of your abilities.” It’s a similar story over in the P&G room, where creative director Fabio Sementilli is coordinating the artists and their respective models. “We had more than three meetings prior to the show to establish what we wanted each team to create,” Sementilli relates. “We wanted to execute the models’ looks as effortlessly as possible the day of—why not avoid possible last-minute mishaps?” Leave it to the professionals to remain calm and prepared for probeauty’s biggest, most beautiful and amazing showcase of talent: the NAHAs. —Alyson Osterman-Kerr From left: Clairol Professional North America lead colorist Anita Gutierrez preps a model for the runway; a Clairol model’s completed look. Left: A model for Sebastian Professional discovers a clever way to dry her toenails during crunch time; above: Sebastian design team member Omar Antonio adjusts his model’s headpiece approximately an hour before she appears onstage. Left: X-Men’s Storm, re-imagined. Right: The Ricci Hair Co. readies Batman’s wife for her runway debut! Near right: Master Stylists’ presenter, Joico international artistic director Damien Carney, examines his model’s strands. Far right: Another presenter in the Master Stylists’ presentation, Kronos founder Dusty Simington, gives his model a final once-over prior to showtime. Nioxin design team member Brian Bode primes his model to evoke the brand’s “healthy hair” philosophy. Above left: Amy and Woody Michleb, owners of Kenchii Shears and Wella Professionals stylists, team up to complete a model’s red carpet-worthy ’do. Above right: One of the Michlebs’ completed styles. “The most important look was the ‘Lumina,’ where we used our best friend—Wella Professionals’ Blondor—to achieve a shiny luminous blonde,” says Amy. “We toned her using formulas of Relights from Color Touch.” 11.11 ONLINE Check out behind-thescenes NAHA footage, including interviews with Humanitarian of the Year recipient Holly Madison and the night’s emcee Tabatha Coffey, at BeautyLaunchpad. com/go-backstageat-naha-2011. 46 Images: Armando Sanchez

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