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GREEN PIECE Green Giant Aveda, a decades-long forerunner of earth-friendliness, continues to forge new strides in eco-responsibility. Minnesota, headquarters—operated on wind energy—75% of waste is recycled; the surrounding area is being reinstated to its native habitat; and employees receive constant education on environmental issues. “We make sure everything we do is aligned with our mission of environmental leadership and responsibility,” Galloway assures. But efforts extend far beyond Aveda’s walls. Every April for Earth Month, the entire brand gets behind a critical environmental issue (approaching its sixth year is a clean-water initiative). Since 1999, more than $22 million has been raised. Work with the far-flung locales and inhabitants that supply ingredients has led to partnerships with Brazil’s Yawanawa tribe, among others, where Aveda not only supplies a fair wage but makes eco-improvements to the area. Other communities benefit through its long-standing partnership with the Global Greengrants Fund, which disperses grants for environmental development, such as wells and taps for clean water, or pharmacies that support indigenous medicine. “We want to support the communities that we rely on in a positive way,” Galloway enthuses. “It’s important to make a positive impact, for our employees and around the world.” —Tracy Morin Aveda’s products include green ingredients, many of which are reviewed by a third-party organization. The Aveda headquarters in Blaine, Minnesota runs on wind energy. 60 11.11 Images: courtesy of Aveda When Horst Rechelbacher founded Aveda ( in 1978, the company took cues from ayurveda, environmental wellness and a “return to the earth” mentality by incorporating plant-derived ingredients. Today, the company claims more than 570 products, 2,600-plus employees worldwide, 6 manufacturing facilities, and 57 Aveda Institutes—and continually fortifies its founder’s eco-aware esthetic. “The original vision carries over into both our products and how we operate as a company—manufacturing processes, packaging, recycling and energy use,” explains Katie Galloway, Aveda Earth Fund manager. “We’re always mindful of, and strive to minimize, our impact on the planet.” The array of eco efforts is near-dizzying: Product-wise, the company emphasizes green ingredients (including hundreds reviewed by a third-party organization, and 89% of raw botanicals are certified-organic), sourced to nurture the ecosystems where they’re grown; and several products are Cradle to Cradle-certified for sustainable stewardship. Aveda’s minimized packaging utilizes at least 80% post-consumer recycled content, and the company sponsors a cap-recycling program to create reusable materials. At the company’s Blaine,

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