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MILESTONES Thinking Wide KMS California celebrates 35 years of staying ahead of the professional haircare curve. On the heels of a massive global relaunch, KMS California has had little time to look back. But anniversaries are a time for reflection, so Kevin Cameron, VP of KMS California Global, obliges. “We’ve had our ups and downs, but our brand has survived well,” Cameron informs. It’s a simple statement, but a complicated achievement. The company, founded in Redding, California, in 1976 by biochemist Jamey Mazzotta and partners Kornfield and Smith, has boasted a fairly straight trajectory upward. But what has made KMS, a brand that’s as adored in Australia, Taiwan and Holland as it is in Canada and the United States, stand out among all the other players? With all due respect to New York, Paris and Milan, the winning strategy is best described as a California state of mind. “KMS was spearheaded and inspired by the California way of thinking,” Cameron explains. “We’re not talking about Jamey Mazzotta, former president of KMS We’ve had our ups and downs, but our brand has survived well. Hollywood, celebrity or the beach—we’re talking about thinking wide with a trailblazing, open, ‘what’s next?’ attitude. It’s the idea of there being no limits, of breaking the rules to be the best of the best, that is embedded in our brand now more than ever.” The California mind-set is a natural match for stylists, Cameron adds, because they’re creative individuals who love to be themselves and express their eccentricities without being judged. However, translating a vision into a brand isn’t easy. The company studies industry and world trends, and how they affect hairdressers and consumers. “As the mass market gets bigger and better, we find ourselves fighting for hairdressers,” says Cameron. “Today’s landscape enables consumers to purchase professional products almost anywhere, get info and how-to instructions, and share comments 24/7. Stylists need to be groundbreaking in their skills, and be able to coach and care for clients sincerely and honestly.” —Linda Kossoff To view a timeline of KMS California’s 35-year journey, visit 76 11.11 Image: courtesy of KMS California ONLINE

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