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FIRST PERSON BEST The best drinking water could be the worst for hair. How do you know? Malibu C has measured mineral content and impurities, such as chlorine, in cities across the U.S. Here are the best and the worst. To find out how to check the water in your salon, visit BEST FOR COLOR Detroit Portland, OR Montgomery, AL Atlanta Seattle Boston San Francisco New York City Sacramento, CA Raleigh, NC WORST FOR COLOR Jacksonville, FL San Diego Cincinnati Mesa, AZ Indianapolis Phoenix Scottsdale, AZ Las Vegas Salt Lake City Oklahoma City Colorful Partners Malibu C founder Tom Porter talks about making connections and forging partnerships. After knocking around the country, working as a lifeguard in Florida, making jewelry in California and opening an aquarium shop in Nashville, Tennessee, I went back to school. My interest in integrating technology with education led me to Indiana University in Bloomington for a Ph.D. in instructional systems. My time there was the greatest period of my life. After graduate school, I was fortunate enough to help build what became one of the country’s largest independent wellness centers. I also met my wife and business partner—Deb was assistant director of the university’s career center, and we met through mutual friends one Friday night. The connection was immediate. She was doing a seminar and couldn’t accept my invitation to go out on Saturday, but she did agree to go with me to hear a local chemist talk about vitamins on Sunday. That date not only led to our marriage and the birth of our son, Trevor, but also to the birth of our company, Malibu C, five years later ( Together, Deb and I developed a new technology: the external application of ascorbic acid (vitamin C) as natural wellness treatments for hair and skin. As we pioneered this technology for our first product, our now famous Malibu MakeOver Crystal Gel Treatment, we realized that we needed to partner with professional colorists to ensure proper application. We set out to show them the benefits of partnering with us. Deb and Tom Porter residue on the client’s hair, the partnership is made. Over the years, we’ve seen the weekly salon shampoo set give way to daily home shampooing. Haircolor has moved from the fringes to the top salon moneymaker. In response, we’ve pioneered My team and I have offered classes all over the country for more than 25 years, and we’ve tried all kinds of ways to attract hairdressers. The best method has always been a color correction class. What this tells us is that although haircolor has become almost foolproof, colorists are still having difficulty getting great results every time. When we explain that the culprit may not be the product or their technique but a new category—color preparation. It’s all about readying the hair for color by removing oxidized minerals and impurities like chlorine deposited on the hair during frequent shampoos. We are often asked why we don’t start our own color line. Our answer? Because we consider haircolor manufacturers our partners. We don’t make haircolor, we make it better. 78 11.11 Images: Deb and Tom: courtesy of Malibu C; space needle: Thinkstock; Las Vegas: Jupiterimages Haircolor has moved from the fringes to the top salon moneymaker. In response, we’ve pionee pioneered a new category—color preparation. on. WORST

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