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QUICK TIPS Front and Center Cornucopias are nice, but your edgier clients will be grateful for these tips on creating more glamorous Thanksgiving centerpieces. Paying TOO MUCH for COTTON TOWELS? Get creative Memorable centerpieces are made from extraordinary elements combined and presented in an artful way. Your Thanksgiving centerpiece is no exception. Everything is fair game when it comes to creating a one-of-akind focal point for your table. Set the stage Make a statement with the vessel you choose. Imagine your 1960s-era fondue pot overflowing with wild bunches of daisies and your long-handled forks holding photos of loved ones at the table. Not wild enough? Wrap a covered shoe box in metallic foil paper and crisscross a fantastic pair of stilettos atop the box. Sprinkle generously with opulent costume necklaces, bracelets and brooches, and tell everyone that you’re grateful for shopping. A Wendy Umanoff creation Softees MicroFiber is BETTER than Cotton! • Microfiber costs less than cotton • 6x more durable than cotton • 3x more absorbent than cotton • Stain resistant • Won’t shrink (cotton shrinks 10%) • Dries in half the time of cotton Good enough to eat Food is endlessly versatile and often malleable! Citrus slices, berries and a glue gun have led to many lovely centerpieces. Less typical: a hollowed-out artichoke that makes for a rustic yet beautiful candleholder. Or imagine thick bundles of rosetinted asparagus, trussed around the middle with raffia and standing tall all on their own. Take flight Feathers are fabulous, and tall plumes make a dramatic statement on a dinner table. The deep browns and reds of pheasant feathers, fanning out from a stark white pitcher, signal Thanksgiving with a creative flair. Call 800-323-4252 for a distributor near you. Sources: Social Couture,; Wendy Umanoff Professional Retail Design & Merchandising, Richmond, VA, 88 11.11 Image: courtesy of Wendy Umanoff Professional Retail Design & Merchandising Branch out Step outside and see what nature has to offer in the way of unusual designs and shapes. A small branch with its random forks and shoots becomes the framework on which to dangle anything from acorns to exotic mushrooms. Place a nesting bird (fake, of course) in the center for an unexpected touch. —Linda Kossoff

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LaunchPad - November 2011