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EDITOR’S NOTEBOOK Guilty Pleasures? A day of beauty is best spent guilt trip-free. You’ll have to forgive me. Though I immerse myself in all things beauty, my toes sometimes get the shaft. Recently, I found myself in dire need of an emergency pedi—and not at all excited to expose my poor toes. After all, it was wintertime, and although I live in SoCal, I wasn’t planning on showing off my tootsies any time soon. The occasion was my sister’s wedding. And even though the happy event was taking place outdoors in Virginia (in November!), yours truly decided on donning open-toe strappy sandals without factoring in my not-so-happy feet. Needless to say, it was with more than my usual sense of trepidation that I sat down in the pedicure throne. (I am extremely ticklish, so while not quite torture, pedicures aren’t exactly a walk in the park.) “I want to apologize for my nails in advance,” I lamented to my technician before she even had a chance to glance at my feet. But she simply looked at me and smiled. “Don’t apologize,” she said. “It’s like apologizing to your doctor for going to him when you’re sick. Just like him, it’s my job to make you better.” Instantly, my anxiety was abated. And those words really made an impact on me. It reminded me of a story senior associate editor Alyson Osterman-Kerr told me. She was walking a trade show floor when she passed by a booth hawking products for curly hair—only to be ridiculed by a vendor who called her a conformist “curl oppressor,” easily swayed by a straight-hair-loving society (I wish I were making this up). These two stories may seem completely different, but they share a common thread. Namely, how do you treat your clients when they enter your salon? They may not show it, but they could be embarrassed because it’s been months since their last trim, or maybe they flirted with at-home color with disastrous results. While scolding a client for having too many split ends may elicit an add-on conditioning treatment, the hard-line approach probably won’t encourage her to come back to you—especially after a few months pass. And I can tell you for a fact that Alyson will never use that product line, even if she were to shun the straight-haired world and flaunt her natural curl. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to get my roots touched up without an ounce of guilt. Images: Pedicure: Steve Mason/ThinkStock; Amy: Armando Sanchez ColourPrime Pre-Color Treatment A clean, even canvas is the first step to beautiful hair color and this primer delivers everything you need to create the perfect foundation for color! Cleanses Helps prevent scalp irritation and longer-lasting results. ColourLock Post-Color Finisher Shampoo, condition and lock in color all in one step. You won’t believe your eyes but this innovative product does just that! Cleanses & Conditions Reduces the hair’s pH Closes the cuticle in one step. Amy Dodds, Executive Editor 26 2.12

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