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BRAND NEW Talking Shop What started as a simple chat between client and stylist budded into a rapidly growing company known as Keratin4U. In case you need a reminder of how impactful your words are, the company Keratin4U ( began because of a conversation between a client and her stylist. “My stylist suggested I try a Brazilian keratin treatment to help my damaged hair,” CEO Claudia Gattoni says. “She explained the process while she was applying the treatment, and the whole time I couldn’t stop thinking, ‘OK, Brazilian keratin treatment, I am Brazilian—why am I not selling this?’” A self-described researcher, Gattoni, who was in love with the results, went home and looked for keratin companies that weren’t already in the U.S. “That’s how I came across QOD,” she explains, referring to the product line. “I sent the manufacturer an email, and that opened the door for me to become its importer.” One of the challenges Gattoni faces is educating stylists and consumers about these formaldehyde-free treatments. “People have become confused,” she laments. “These keratin treatments aren’t hair straighteners; they smooth, add shine and reduce frizz. If your client wants her hair stick-straight, she needs a relaxer.” And since the formulations are aldehyde-free, Gattoni thought the time was right to introduce KeraPremium, an at-home kit. “With the economy the way it is, many people can’t afford these treatments,” she notes. “KeraPremium benefits not only the consumer in that it’s less expensive, but also the stylist who can retail it in her salon.” Keratin4U isn’t just about keratin treatments, however. It’s a full line with shampoos, conditioners, stylers, finishers and even tools. On the website, you can purchase Izunami and Beauté Ultrasonic irons (“These irons are the best on the market!” Gattoni enthuses), as well as Roller Meches. So what are Roller Meches? “They completely replace foils for highlighting or coloring,” Gattoni informs. Not only do the reusable tools help your salon reduce its carbon footprint since you’re decreasing the amount of foil used, she states, but they also speed up your productivity because you can see through the strips, which are made of transparent plastic. No more opening and closing foils to check processing! So what’s in store for Keratin4U in the future? Haircolor, says Gattoni, and any other revolutionary products that might come her way. “My vision is to grow Keratin4U into a place where we retail a bunch of high-quality products.” Sounds like she’s already well on her way. —Amy Dodds Keratin4U’s smoothing treatments deliver frizz-free results without formaldehyde. 56 2.12 Image: Image Source “Keratin treatments aren’t hair straighteners; they smooth, add shine and reduce frizz. If your client wants her hair stick-straight, she needs a relaxer.”

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