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20 QUESTIONS Compiled by Alyson Osterman-Kerr Becoming Jane I love the “Un-tea” that we serve in our flagships, which is made entirely from dried flowers…it’s not really tea because it contains no camellia sinensis. Being British, I do also appreciate real tea, and because my parents met and honeymooned in India, I love truly traditional Indian teas like Darjeeling. It’s hard to beat Dame Judi Dench at her steeliest in Notes on a Scandal, or the divine Dame Helen Mirren in, well, anything. So, you think you know Jane Wurwand? We get face time with the fiery founder of Dermalogica and the International Dermal Institute. Favorite tea? Where are you happiest? Wherever friends and family will have me. Though generally, I’m a city person. Too much country gives me weird, unnatural urges to macramé, crochet, quilt and craft. I probably am most at home in England. Best piece of advice you’ve been given? “Stop whining and eat your sausage”—told to me often by my mother. It means when you’ve finished pushing the food around on your plate, it’s time to buckle down and eat up. The message is clear: Just get on with it. Your worst trait? Starting too many simultaneous projects at one time. I plan to say “no” a lot more this year and give myself the time to say “yes” to the things I really want to do. Favorite movie? Biggest piece of skincare wisdom people don’t take? Don’t overdo things. Current state of mind? I am on fire! I love being surrounded by inspiring people. Song that helps you unwind after a long day? Lots of things work—just please, no Enya or singing whales. I can really get my groove on to David Bowie, especially “Rebel Rebel” and “Young Americans.” Most stressful part of your job? Pushing aside other people’s opinions and staying true to my intuitive, gut feelings. Celebrity crush? Hidden talent? Johnny Depp, of course. I’d also love to have Daniel DayLewis to tea. I can do a mean Charleston. Greatest inspiration? Most beloved possession? Cards, drawings and paintings made for me by Lucy and Molly, my daughters. Also, my father’s British army pin that he gave to my mum on their first Christmas together in 1944. The essential optimism that is life itself. I see this in our philanthropic work with joinFITE ( Women will not be stopped. Biggest accomplishment? Biggest difference between England and the United States? In the UK, no one necessarily believes that absolutely anyone can do absolutely anything. Brits are not big on what Americans call affirmations. In the States, everyone believes Personal mantra? As Madeleine Albright said, “There is a special place in hell that they can do everything. That’s why I love it! reserved for women who don’t help other women.” Through creating a unique niche in the skincare industry, Dermalogica has opened up thousands of opportunities for women. Favorite British expression? “Going to hell in a handbasket.” It means you’re headed down the worst path to doom for a very small reason. The best part about being in the skincare industry? Creating opportunities for women. Woman who’s made the biggest impact in your life? Words of wisdom? 64 2.12 Image: courtesy of Dermalogica My mum. She showed me what it means to be a devoted parent as well as an independent woman, since she raised four girls on her own and never once let us feel anything but blessed. I miss her every day. There’s no stopping a woman who possesses both will and skill!

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