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QUICK TIPS Renew Your Vows One month into the new year, and you’ve already bailed on your resolution to get healthier? Celeb fitness expert Kathy Kaehler offers easy, everyday tips to help get you back on track. On February 17 at the Balboa Bay , Club in Newport Beach, California, the Independent Cosmetic Manufacturers and Distributors association (ICMAD) hosts their inaugural health and wellness event, Get With It…Get Healthy (, to benefit Look Good…Feel Better. Trainerto-the-stars Kathy Kaehler will be on hand to demonstrate how to eat right, get organized and stay active. Here, she offers up simple ways you can live healthier right now. When Life Gives You a Lemon… The moment you get up, drink a glass of water spiked with half a lemon to help with bloating and cleanse the body. Walk On! You don’t need to go to the gym to get a great workout; 2012 is the year of the walk. Carry weights to burn more calories while strengthening muscles and bones. Act Like a Boy Scout. Be prepared! Create a schedule of the days you’re going to workout and stick to it. Pack your gym clothes the night before and leave them by the door so you don’t forget them. Just a Minute. Think you have no time? Introduce yourself to The Plank, one of the best ways to strengthen your core with nothing but yourself and the floor. On your hands or forearms, hold your body straight like a board without arching your back. Build up endurance so you can hold the position for one minute. Through the Looking Glass. Store all your healthy foods, including grab-andrun snacks, in see-through, tempered glass containers. Seeing brightly colored fruits and veggies may inspire you to make a healthy salad, pasta or soup. Adopt the 90/10 Rule. Stick to your weekly workout schedule and eat well 90% of the time. The other 10%, you can indulge in ice cream or other treats—but always in moderation. —Amy Dodds 72 2.12 Image: Thinkstock/iStockphoto

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