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QUICK A collection of Upstyles, Bridal & Special Event Hair! INSPIRE’s latest volume offers dozens of ways you can help clients look their best on that special day. This big issue showcases more than 350 great photos of contemporary and classic updos. PLUS ... Celebrity photos included! TIPS Tip It Good Make social etiquette a priority by tipping the scales in your favor. Here’s a tip: If you’ve ever received a somewhat disappointing gratuity, don’t necessarily chalk it up to the client’s miserly habits. It may well be that there was confusion on how much to tip. After all, do you know if it’s common practice to tip a salon owner? (Answer: increasingly yes, but this wasn’t always the case.) And when you’re dining out, do you tip pre- or post-tax? Just in case you’re not completely hip to the latest tipping guidelines, we’ve compiled a few for you—no thanks necessary. Chew on This For those trendy and well-decorated sitdown restaurants, tip around 15 to 20%, pre-tax. And if the maître d’ went above and beyond to get you the perfect table, offer him or her $10. While tipping isn’t necessarily mandatory, tip nothing and risk scorn. From busboy to chef—they may all remember you on your next visit. Cab Fair Taxi drivers are generally tipped 15 to 20% of the fare. And feel free to offer an extra dollar or two depending on how much luggage they stuffed into the trunk. Dining In The pizza guy who delivers your favorite pies? Throw in $2 to $5 extra, depending on size and difficulty. In other words, if he’s trekking up a long and winding road on a dark and stormy night, he might deserve a bit more. From Coffee to Cocktails Is that martini shaken and not stirred? Bartenders draw in $1 to $2 per drink—more if they politely listen to your inebriated stories of woe. And the next time you get a coffee craving (maybe the day after your pub crawl?), it’s OK to tip the barista a little something, especially if you’re a regular. (We’re not judging.) —Jennifer Hutchison Source: Image: Sharon Dominick/Photodisc Available FEB. 1, 2012 $ 3495 SALON COST FREE with your order: “Step-by-Step Technical Guide to Upstyles” (a $7.95 value) Take advantage of INSPIRE’s total package offer, which includes volumes 78 & 82 for ONLY $ (an $85.80 value) 59 95 Want to see your work in the next issue of Inspire? Download your submission packet now or call 800.634.8500 for more details. Don’t wait! Order your copy today! Call 800.634.8500 or visit or email 108 4.12

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LaunchPad - April 2012
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LaunchPad - April 2012