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EDITOR’S NOTEBOOK Eco Freako Whether you’re obsessed with going green or merely saving some green, there are a host of products to help you conserve. In our house, Tuesday is the best day of the week. It’s trash day. Yes…my 3-year-old son is obsessed with trash. We have books and DVDs—not to mention mountains of toys—devoted to refuse collection. I used to be somewhat embarrassed about my son’s almost frightening devotion to waste management. But I can’t tell you how many people have said, after quizzically reflecting on my son’s peculiar passion, “Well, maybe he’ll develop some revolutionary new green energy.” Translation: Eco is cool. Not only is eco cool, but it also has truly become mainstream, part of our everyday consciousness. Reusable shopping bags aren’t revolutionary; they’re a no-brainer. Buying organic isn’t only for hippies—or hipsters, for that matter. And choosing environmentally aware salon products no longer means a sacrifice in function. Harvesting the best that Mother Nature can deliver, today’s green-leaning goodies marry environmental awareness with technology and performance for undeniably outstanding results. In fact, there are so many eco products available that we couldn’t fit them all into our feature, “Green Light Beauty,” which starts on page 90. Therefore, throughout this entire issue, we’ve indicated those products that have an eco-bent with a leaf icon. But green leaning isn’t relegated to just product. Manufacturers are taking an everincreasing role in conservation, from initiatives like Joico’s wind harvesting to Paul Mitchell’s plant-atree campaign to nearly everyone’s recyclable packaging. Again, if you missed it, eco is cool! So while you may not want to harvest your own wind energy (nor publicize your love affair The editor’s son takes “going green” very seriously. with recycling trucks), going green is easier than you think. Wash towels in cold water to save on energy consumption—and cost. Fix leaky toilets to conserve up to 200 gallons of water a day. (In fact, many states offer financial incentives to replace your old can. Check out Consider switching to Minardi Color Perfect Lighting ( to brighten up your salon—not only do they use LED bulbs, which consume less energy and save you more money, but they’re also the closest to natural light, meaning your clients don’t need to walk out the front door to see what hue they’re really sporting. And, of course, support the products that support the earth—you’ll find 65 of them in this issue alone. Good luck, and go green! NEW Get clean hair in a flash with Aloxxi’s Dry Shampoo Cleanses and refreshes without heavy residue feeling Absorbs excess oils and impurities while maintaining hair’s condition Protects color from UV damage Amy Dodds, Executive Editor In our March spring hair feature, we neglected to include credits for Evolve, which are as follows: Photo: Babak; Hair: Johnny Plant; makeup: Nickole Marror-Pettus; Element Model Management. We apologize for the omission. 24 4.12 Amy: Armando Sanchez

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