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MY WAY Meeting of the Minds Phillip Wilson and Jim Markham discuss their histories, futures and collaboration for their latest venture, ColorProof Evolved Color Care. Jim Markham and Phillip Wilson lend their unique skill sets to ColorProof Evolved Color Care. Above and left: Wilson’s striking images underscore ColorProof’s commitment to creativity. ColorProof Evolved Color Care’s Phillip Wilson, international art director, and Jim Markham, founder and CEO, both received their first push toward beauty school from Mom—and began plying their trades at 15. For Wilson, growing up in a small town in England, the career was in the family (his mother was a stylist), while Markham attended barber school to support two kids and a wife at an early age. Both also climbed the ranks quickly—Markham as a competitor, educator, editorial and celebrity stylist, and manufacturer; Wilson as a salon owner, creative director, platform artist and creative consultant. “When I came to the States, Jim’s name was at the top in celebrity design, so I knew of him,” Wilson recalls. “It was rare to see a brilliant artist at 70 7.12 Images: courtesy of ColorProof Evolved Color Care that celebrity level formulating these outrageous products.” Markham remembers meeting at NAHA, becoming good friends, and—impressed with Wilson’s charisma, energy and ever-evolving techniques—eventually working together on his ABBA and Pureology brands. The collaboration created a natural partnership that continues in Markham’s fifth company, ColorProof, launched in February to target color-treated tresses ( While Markham focuses on product development, ingredient selection and overall performance, Wilson tackles application and education, developing curriculum and putting together a top-notch teaching team. However, both thrive on a commitment to the stylist and a desire to produce the best formulas possible. “Our products, techniques and programs have to be perfect, or they don’t exist,” Markham grins. “We know we’ll be successful as long as we don’t compromise on quality.” The company also commits to giving back. Along with supporting charities for challenged children, the company pays it forward to stylists through education, working toward the day when stylists, consumers, distributors and manufacturers communicate seamlessly and serve each other to strengthen the entire industry. Markham promises “state-of-the-art techniques and advanced ingredients” for the future of the brand, while Wilson predicts global expansion and a strong education team to spread the ColorProof gospel. “We have an unusually good and rare unity,” Markham muses. “When you put two people with complementary individual talents together, one plus one can equal five—there are magical happenings.” —Tracy Morin

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