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20 QUESTIONS Style Idol I S l Professional’s styling expert and company spokesperson Dean Banowetz InStyler P f i l’ li shares his love of pop music, frozen yogurt and Sandra Bullock. Biggest lesson learned from growing up on a farm? Do your chores sooner rather than later. Best part about life in the Army? (Since you were a soldier!) Being recognized for meritory service. Which celeb would you most like to make over? I don’t want to make her over, but I would like to have coffee and be friends with Sandra Bullock. Hidden talent? I love music and used to sing. Top three things on your bucket list? Travel to Asia, learn another language, and buy a home in Iowa. Biggest American Idol style lesson? Little changes in hairstyling can go a long way—it was the rule I lived by. Friends would describe you as __? “Generous.” What made you become a stylist? My brother Leon told me to…I was always braiding cows’ tails on the farm! Best experience on set? Being able to create iconic pop culture looks. Biggest mistake women make with their hair? Doing too much in terms of color, styling and products. Sometimes a little goes a long way! Personal motto? First thing you do when you wake up? I take vitamins and do 20 perfect push-ups. Last thing you do before you go to bed? It’s never done until it’s overdone—except for hair, of course. If you weren’t a hairdresser, what would you be? I take my contacts out and do 20 perfect push-ups. Favorite book? An event planner. Where do you find inspiration? “The Last Lecture” by Randy P ausch. Most played song on your iPod? When I travel, I observe everyone and everything. Best part about being in the beauty industry? I do love me some Pink! Guiltiest pleasure? Changing lives, one head at a time. Frozen yogurt. Most prized possession? Illustration: Jaison Wilson A statue my brother Marv gave me before he died. —as told to Alyson Osterman-Kerr 72 7.12

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