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LASHLINGO PRIME CONDITION In the same way that a base coat preps nails to grab on to nail color, lash primers help set the stage to get the most from your chosen mascara formula. “Lash primers work under mascara to create visibly fuller, thicker and longer lashes after the first coat of mascara,” New York-based makeup artist Denise Del Russo explains. The often-white formula maximizes the surface area of each lash, while also “helping to ensure longer-lasting hold and decrease clumping and smudging.” In addition to enhancing the effects of mascara, many primers contain conditioning ingredients to address daily wear and tear on natural lashes, such as curling or removing eye makeup. Del Russo recommends looking for lash primer products containing nourishing ingredients such as vitamin E, hydrolyzed wheat protein and panthenol. Lash conditioners, on the other hand primarily serve one purpose: to hydrate and feed lashes vital nutrients such as biotin, helping to increase flexibility. The idea is that with continued use, conditioners will help lashes grow longer naturally. Glimpse the latest in lash-magnifying primers, conditioners, mascaras and growth serums. BY LAURA CARSON MILLER With all the stylish new lash looks and all the enticing ways to get them, it’s nice to have a little help sorting through the abundant offerings. We’re bringing you the latest in lashes, from pros in the know. Don’t bat an eyelash; you might miss something! LATEST PRIMERS & CONDITIONERS! Andrea Lash Revitalizer (; LiLash Purified Eyelash Serum (; MD Lash Factor Eyelash Conditioner (; Mirabella Lash Definition Primer ( GROW, BABY, GROW Longer lashes? Yes, please! Products promising to grow luscious lashes continue to make beauty news. But as cosmetic chemist Ron Robinson notes, widely used ingredients bimatoprost and latanoprost “work to increase the length of lashes by prolonging the active growth phase of hair follicles, but they are associated with some side effects,” such as darkening the skin or iris. Robinson foresees lash growth serums using synthetic compounds that include both chlorphenesin, a muscle relaxant whose side effect is hair growth, and elastatropin, a synthetic form of human tropoelastin that stimulates the hair follicle. Attempting to achieve growth via natural ingredients is also top tier in lash growth R&D. Be on the lookout for 96 7.12 Still life: Armando Sanchez; wands: courtesy of Qosmedix

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