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From the founder of OPI… EDITOR’S NOTEBOOK ColourLock Post-Color Finisher Shampoo, condition and lock in color all in one simple step Show Don’t Sell Create the right environment to retail holiday gifts. True story: One December 24, my father decided the time was ripe to buy my mom her Christmas gift. While looking for a place to park, he saw two cars vying for the same open spot. Rather than one person allowing the other to park, the two drivers got into a fistfight over the space! Certainly, the holidays can be a stressful time, and you’re in a prime position to make things easier by retailing the gift of beauty. But sometimes creating the right seasonal setting can be a challenge. We spoke with Scott and Jennifer Fontana, owners of California’s Christophe Salon Newport Beach, who offer their advice on creating the perfect holiday retail environment. 1. Choose a theme. Ensure a consistent look. Do you want metallic colors, or traditional reds and greens? Choose one and stick with it. Another idea is to partner up with surrounding businesses. Clients walking through the winter wonderland would be enticed to stop in each shop as part of the experience. 2. Maintain the salon environment. Translation: Don’t go overboard when decorating. You want new clients to know how your salon looks and feels the other 11 months of the year. 3. Go for a sensory experience. Make sure your designs appeal to all of the senses—from the music to the lighting to the scents. Consider moving away from holiday-scented candles and instead let your salon be the aroma customers enjoy. Smelling salon products can be a nice Creatively displaying holiday kits, such as this set from Paul Mitchell, makes the shopping experience easier for change from traditional pine and gingerbread. harried clients. 4. Make it easy. Holiday shoppers are inundated with gift ideas, so make it easy for them to purchase yours. Create merchandising displays that show how the gifts could look, complete with ribbon. When clients walk in and see a beautiful gift display with no extra imagination required, they’ll be much more inclined to make the easy purchase. 5. Consider hiring an expert. Just as your clients come to you for expert hair services, consider turning to the visual merchandising experts to help you style your salon for the holidays. They’ll be able to identify ways to maintain the authentic vibe of your salon while capturing the holiday spirit and increasing product sales. Amy Dodds, Executive Editor Amy: Armando Sanchez 28 11.12

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Beauty LaunchPad - November 2012
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Beauty LaunchPad - November 2012