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RUNWAY REPORT Aveda Blowing in the Wind Whisking locks into a flurry feels positively breezy at Preen. When we run, our hair never looks as chic as the “windswept sports knots” that Aveda hair lead Paul Hanlon is creating at Preen by Thornton Bregazzi. Nevertheless, Hanlon insists wind from a hypothetical run begets the idea behind this “haphazard and aerodynamic” hairstyle. Tresses are prepped and rough-dried with Aveda Phomollient ( to lend “thicker texture to easily tie the knot.” Hanlon then flocks the root area with Pure Abundance Hair Potion, massaging it in to “make the hair feel and act like candy floss,” he says. “It gives it that weathered tack.” To create what he calls his “shoelace knot,” Hanlon sections hair vertically in two, and then ties the two sections into a knot. Girls with longer hair receive a double-knot for extra insurance. “I’m leaving the ends out like a spike,” he explains, further enforcing the whisked aspect of the style. Blasting strands and spikes with a blow dryer and Air Control Hair Spray, he directs the style into a wind-whipped flurry. The finishing touch: Around the hairline, Hanlon spikes the hair with faux “sweat” in the form of Brilliant Anti-Humectant Pomade and randomly places a haircomb to break up the jet streams of hair. “In the fall and winter, you think of the weather elements when you come up with a hairstyle,” Hanlon allows. “But commercially, clients always think of beautifully blown-out, glossy hair—yet it doesn’t have to be that way.” Pass on the word to those in your chair: Gusty glam is in. —Karie L. Frost 46 11.12 Images: Andy Kropa/Getty Images; Chris Moore/Getty Images; Victor Virgile/Gamma-Rapho

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