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BEAUTY 91 1 Beauty RX —Alyson Osterman-Kerr Winter is around the corner! And if snow’s appearing not only on the ground, but on clients’ domes (read: dandruff), we’ve rounded up the top flakecombatting products for your perusal. Plus, read on to discover the latest overnight treatments that redefine “beauty sleep.” Dandruff, Psoriasis and Dry Scalp: What’s the Difference? “Psoriasis is commonly misdiagnosed as dandruff,” Simon Miller, KMS California national technical trainer, laments. “Psoriasis is a non-curable, long-term skin condition that commonly produces red patches of skin that have silvery scales. If your client has the symptoms of psoriasis, recommend that he or she see a medical professional. “Dandruff, on the other hand, produces yellow or white scales that are attached to the scalp and/or hair shaft,” Miller continues. “Essentially, it is an overproduction of sebum. If your client has the symptoms of dandruff, use a nylon-bristled teasing brush to gently exfoliate the scalp prior to washing hair with a dandruff shampoo. “Of course, another condition that is often mistaken for dandruff is dry scalp, the symptoms of which include white, dry flakes on the shoulders. Switching to a mild or gentle shampoo can help cure this. Also, tell clients to drink water regularly to hydrate skin—which includes the scalp!” Image: Stone/Getty Images 11.12 83

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Beauty LaunchPad - November 2012
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Beauty LaunchPad - November 2012