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ONLY HUE Magic Matte Dressing up lips by subtracting shine yields ultra-intense—and incredibly chic—color. JIL SANDER Pale Pink! Less is more: Sheer-up your application to avoid mod overload. Soft Rose! A matte finish lends this delicate color intensity. Bold Red! Carry cotton swabs and concealer for quick out-and-about touch-ups. When women reach for a lip hue, they tend to favor those with creamy, satiny or glossy finishes. Matte, it seems, forever plays fourth fiddle. So why, then, is a luster-free lip topping fall’s must-have beauty list? True; makeup artists are the ones championing it, but editorial makeup artist Marissa Nemes believes matte lipstick’s performance is finally being recognized by everyday women. “The longevity of matte lip colors are what these ladies love,” she says. “Mattes require fewer touch-ups and have proven to be long-lasting.” What sheen-shy lip products have also proven is that they require a certain amount of pre-wear prep to show them at their finest. First up: exfoliation, which Nemes suggests doing the night before. She offers 94 11.12 Images: Andreea Angelescu this DIY formula to share with your clients: Mix honey and raw sugar together and scrub onto lips using a circular motion. “This moisturizes, exfoliates and removes any flaky skin, which tends to grab color unevenly,” she explains. Then, follow with a hydrating lip balm, also worn overnight. “Moisturizing while sleeping helps delay environmental conditions from drying out the lips,” she says. The day of, lay down yet another layer of hydration, this time selecting a nonslippery formula. Then, “prep lips with concealer to achieve the truest lipstick shade and line the lips with a lip-priming pencil to lock-in color and prevent fading and feathering,” Nemes relates. With all of the prep work out of the way, the application becomes the focus. Does your client seek a sheer or opaque pop of color? For a transparent stained effect, Nemes suggests lightly tapping your ring finger on the lipstick and then gently dabbing it onto lips, building the intensity as you go. To up the pigment payoff, “outline the tiniest amount of lip moisturizer on the inside of the lips and lightly blot with a tissue. Then, apply the lipstick either by lip brush for more precision, or straight from the tube,” she says. Though matte formulas tend to be long-wearing or packaged with a clear lip-sealant, Nemes suggests another route to add more mileage to the pigment: “Use an oil-blotting paper; it works wonders on the lips too!” —Karie L. Frost CACHAREL LOEWE

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Beauty LaunchPad - November 2012
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Beauty LaunchPad - November 2012